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The U.S. Army and the Lewis & Clark Campaign Plan
Annex N: National Guard Bureau Campaign Plan for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration (2003-2006)

I. Purpose.

a.  General. This Annex prescribes the role of the National Guard Bureau, as part of the US Army's participation in the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Volunteers of North Western Discovery (1803-1806). This Annex also specifically sets forth the opportunities and responsibilities of the National Guard Bureau, and the National Guard in the separate States along the Lewis and Clark National Historical Trail, hereafter referred to as the “Trail States.” 

b. Objectives. The purpose of the National Guard's involvement in the Commemoration is to:

(1) Honor the "Corps of Volunteers of North Western Discovery" (1803-1806).

(2) Educate the American public about the National Guard's multi-mission role, its state and Federal ties, and its role as “neighbors helping neighbors” during natural and man-made disasters.

(3) Serve as the military link between national, state and local organizations during the Commemoration.

(4) Showcase the important assistance the Corps of Discovery received from the Native peoples along the route.

(5) Provide a military presence at state and local commemorative activities.

(6) Provide military support for state and local Commemoration activities, and for national Signature Events.

(7) Enhance  National Guard recruiting and retention.

(8) Highlight the Militia service of the members of the Corps of Discovery and their contributions.

2. Scope. This Annex supports the US Army's Commemoration Campaign Plan.

3. Applicability. This Annex serves as a resource document and planning authority for National Guard involvement in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration. It applies to all National Guard organizations and entities.

4. Concepts and Planned Activities.

a.  National Activities

(1)  The Army National Guard’s Innovative Readiness Training Exercise program is already supporting Lewis & Clark-related projects, including several on Indian reservations, in South Dakota and Oregon; the states are encouraged to apply for projects to expand the program.

(2)  NGB plans to involve its award-winning program for at-risk youth, Challenge, in the commemoration in those Trail States where the program exists.

(3) NGB’s International Affairs Division will be encouraged to plan State Partnership Program exchanges and foreign attache tours around Signature Events.

(4)  NGB has commissioned a Native American artist who works in the traditional hide painting/ledger book style to produce a Lewis and Clark-themed work on canvas; the artwork will be the centerpiece of a poster, to be distributed nationwide, celebrating the nation’s Native American heritage.

b. State and Local Activities. National Guard units and organizations are encouraged to serve on state, county, and local planning committees, to help  reinforce the fact that Lewis and Clark were Army officers and the Corps of Discovery was a military unit. Below are some ideas for National Guard participation. 

(1) Provide color guards, bands, marching units and other ceremonial support.

(2) Provide water facilities (buffaloes), tentage, and other field items for local events.

(3) Encourage the State Adjutant General and local commanders to deliver speeches on the expedition.

(4) Provide ARNG representatives at events – particularly Signature Events -  to tell the National  Guard story.

(5) Hold Open Houses at armories.

(6) Host a National Guard commemorative event and invite the public to attend.

c. State POCs. Each Trail state has appointed a field grade officer or equivalent as POC for all Commemoration events in its state and to serve as the link between the state National Guard, the National Guard Bureau, and the Army's Lewis and Clark Commemorative Office. The State POCs serve as liaison to civilian state and local planning efforts and represent the State's Adjutant General.

5. Non-Trail State National Guard. States that Lewis and Clark did not cross are encouraged to participate in the Commemoration. 

6. Funding and Resourcing:  Each State will resource and support local and state Commemoration events from its annual budget and assigned resources; if funding is available, the National Guard Bureau will provide extra assistance.

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