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The U.S. Army and the Lewis & Clark Campaign Plan
Annex M: Corps of Engineers Campaign Plan for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration (2003-2006)

1.  Introduction.

a.  General.  This Annex addresses the role of the Corps of Engineers as part of the US Army's participation in the Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial.  By virtue of its role as administrator of large stretches of public land along the trail route and its Army heritage of exploring and mapping of the western United States, the Corps of Engineers will play a key role in this observance.  As such, this Annex will propose a direction how the Corps of Engineers can work with other agencies and communities to prepare for the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

b.  Objectives.  The purpose of the Corps of Engineers involvement in the Commemoration is to:

(1)  Accommodate the anticipated increase in visitation to Corps projects either along the route or associated with various commemorative activities.

(2)  Assist other Federal, State, Tribal, and local governmental entities with integrating other commemorative activities with Corps/Army opportunities;

(3)  Provide access to information and procedures for safety issues, including water safety, campground safety, reservoir-specific hazards, etc.;

(4)  Protect and maintain significant cultural sites, environmentally sensitive areas, and natural resources throughout the route; and

(5)  Provide information on the Army and Corps stories.

2.  Scope.  This Annex supports the U.S. Army's Commemorative Campaign Plan and outlines duties and responsibilities, and provides authority for planning and executing Federal, U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers, State, and local commemorations.

3.  Applicability.  This Annex applies to all Corps Divisions, Districts, projects and other field activities as appropriate.

4.  Concepts and Planned Activities.  The activities proposed for the Corps of Engineers involvement in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration include, but are not limited to, the following.

a.  Lewis and Clark Information Brochure (Cost $50,000).  This brochure will contain information about important Federal sites along the route taken by Lewis and Clark.  Additionally, the brochure will list safety information, local points of contact, and any other information deemed pertinent.  These packets will be distributed to all of the Federal offices nationwide so that information being sent out to the public regarding the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial will be consistent.  This brochure is being developed in conjunction with the Lewis and Clark Federal Interagency Committee.

b.  Army/Corps Information Brochure (Cost $50,000).  This brochure will give a general accounting of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  It will provide a glimpse into selected aspects of the expedition and will provide readers an opportunity to expand their understanding and capture the spirit of this heroic adventure.  The brochure will focus on the efforts and challenges members overcame to make this journey.  This brochure is being developed in conjunction with the Lewis and Clark Army Advisory Committee.

c.  Basin Maps (Cost $100,000).  These will be a series of river basin maps using current public land survey data, such as political boundaries, major highways, rivers, and significant towns.  These basin maps would then be over-layed with the historic route taken by Lewis and Clark, complete with some of the names Lewis and Clark gave to significant locations.

d.  Lewis and Clark Discovery Boxes (Cost $300,000).  The Discovery Boxes will be a package of Lewis and Clark support materials for rangers to use for either  campground or school programs, or special events.  These boxes will contain replicas of things such as tools, maps, furs, clothing, trade items, and other items that would have been used by the Corps of Discovery.

e.  Audio Tours (Cost $25,000).  An audio tour will be developed for purchase that describes the Lewis and Clark route, and highlights points of interest along the National Historic Trail.  The audiotape can be played at specified locations along the trail in order to give more meaning and highlight the significance of certain areas.

f.  Traveling Exhibit (Cost $250,000).  Copies of an exhibit with replicas of items used during the Expedition will be assembled. These items will be on loan for a specified period of time.  The exhibits would travel throughout the Corps offices along the Lewis and Clark route, as well as to other locations around the Nation.

g.  Local events (Total cost = within existing capabilities).  The Corps will assist and participate in a wide variety of local events sponsored by other Federal, State, Tribal, and local entities.  This will include both allowing the proposed activity to take place on Corps projects lands, as well as actual involvement in the activity by the local staff.

5.  Budget.  The following budget is proposed to support the National Coordinator (salary, travel, per diem, and supplies) and projects listed above that are national in scope.  The cost of project-specific activities (listed above as local events) will be covered through normal budget channels.

Fiscal Year Coordinator Salary a Travel/Per diem b Supplies L&C Activities Total
2001 143,000 90,000 5,000 362,000 600,000
2002 147,000 90,000 5,000 386,000 628 000
2003 151,000 90,000 5,000 440,000 686,000
2004 156,000 90,000 3,000 532,000 781,000
2005 160,000 90,000 3,000 442,000 695,000
2006 165,000 90,000 3,000 42,000 300,000

a Includes overhead and indirect assessments

b Includes travel and per diem for 2 basin coordinators

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