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1st Cavalry Division

Pre-World War II

Activated: 31 August 1921 at Fort Bliss, Tex.

World War II

Overseas: 23 May 1943.

Campaigns: New Guinea, Bismark Archipelago, Leyte, Luzon.

Days of combat: 521.

Distinguished Unit Citations: 10.

Awards: MH-2 ; DSC-14 ; DSM-4 ; SS-542 ; LM-29; SM-29 ; BSM-2,782 ; AM-66.


Maj. Gen. Innis P. Swift (19 April 1941-19 August 1944)
Maj. Gen. Verne D. Mudge (19 August 1944)
Brig. Gen. Hugh F. T. Hoffman (28 February 1945-30 July 1945)
Maj. Gen. William C. Chase (31 July 1945 to date).

Present station: Japan.

Combat Chronicle

The 1st Cavalry Division arrived in Australia 11 July 1943, continued its training at Strathpine, Queensland, until 26 July, then moved to New Guinea to stage for the Admiralties' campaign 22-27 February 1944. The Division saw its first combat in the Admiralty Islands, units landing at Los Negros Island 29 February 1944. Momote airstrip was secured against great odds. Attacks by fanatical Japanese were thrown back, and the enemy force surrounded by the end of March. Nearby islands were taken in April and May. The Division next took part in the invasion of Leyte, 20 October 1944, captured Tacloban and the adjacent airstrip, advanced along the north coast, and secured Leyte Valley, elements landing on and securing Samar Island. Moving down Ormoc Valley (in Leyte) and across the Ormoc plain, the Division reached the west coast of Leyte 1 January 1945. The Division then invaded Luzon, landing in the Lingayen Gulf area 27 January 1945, and fought its way to Manila by 3 February 1945. Prisoners at Santo Tomas University were liberated and the 1st Cavalry had advanced east of Manila by the middle of February before


the city was cleared. On 20 February the Division was assigned the mission of seizing and securing crossings over the Marikina River and securing the Tagaytay-Antipolo Line. After being relieved 12 March in the Antipolo area, elements pushed south into Batangas and Bicol Provinces. They mopped up remaining pockets of resistance in these areas in small unit actions. Resistance was officially declared at an end 1 July 1945. The Division left Luzon 25 August 1945 for occupation duty in Japan, arriving in Yokohama 2 September 1945 and entering Tokyo 8 September, the first United States Division to enter the Japanese capital.


Nickname: The First Team. Slogan: Move in on 'em and kill 'em! Shoulder patch: Large yellow shield with black diagonal bar and a horse's head in the upper corner. Association: 1st Cavalry Division Association (Col. E. B. Stone, registrar), P. O. Box 201, Pomona, Calif. Publications: History of the 1st Cavalry Division; by Maj. B. C. Wright, unit historian; Toppan Printing Co., Tokyo, Japan; Distributor, PIO, 1st Cavalry Division, APO 201, c/o P. M., San Francisco, Calif.; 1947.

[Nota Bene: These combat chronicles, current as of October 1948, are reproduced from The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950, pp. 510-592.]

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