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The U.S. Army and the Lewis & Clark Campaign Plan
Annex I: U.S. Army Forces Command Campaign Plan for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration (2003-2006)

1.  Purpose.

a.  General.  This Annex prescribes the role of U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), as part of the U.S. Army's participation in the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Volunteers of North Western Discovery (1803-1806).  This Annex sets forth the duties, responsibilities, and opportunities of FORSCOM and its subordinate units to participate in commemoration activities.

b.  Objectives.  The purpose of FORSCOM's involvement in the commemoration is to:

(1)  Honor and commemorate the U.S. Army unit known as the Corps of Discovery (1803-1806).

(2)  Leverage the multitude of educational activities and events of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration to teach FORSCOM soldiers Army Values.

(3)  Educate the American public about the Army's multi-mission role, with emphasis on the non-combat role that the Corps of Discovery represented.

(4)  Use Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration events as an opportunity for Army recruiting and retention.

2.  Scope.

a.  This Annex supports the U.S. Army's Campaign Plan for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration, 2003-2006.

b.  It provides authority for FORSCOM and its subordinate units to:

(1)  Sponsor commemoration events and activities.

(2)  Participate in the planning and execution of commemoration activities and events sponsored by national, state, and local organizations.

3.  Applicability.  This Annex applies to FORSCOM and the involvement of its subordinate units in the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration.

4.  Concepts and Planned Activities.

a.  FORSCOM units and soldiers may actively participate in national, state, and local Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration events and activities.

b.  FORSCOM units and soldiers, within the limits of current resources and applicable laws and regulations, may be used to support commemoration activities.  The following support will be provided under the authority of AR 360-51, AR 220-99, AR 700-131, the Joint Ethics Regulation (DODD 5500.7-R), and all other applicable guidance:

(1)  Provide small units or groups on a temporary basis to retrace portions of the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Their participation should be limited to just before or during a commemorative event that occurred on that portion of the trail.  As representatives of the U.S. Army, they will demonstrate current soldier craft and equipment, and be conversant with the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  FORSCOM units and soldiers will not represent the U.S. Army as reenactors in any commemoration events and activities.

(2)  Provide color guards, bands, marching units and other ceremonial support.

(3)  Provide water facilities (buffaloes), tentage, and other field items that would provide assistance to commemorative events.

(4)  Provide public affairs, historical, and recruiting representatives at events to "tell" the Army story.

(5)  Hold Open Houses at installations, armories, and reserve centers to introduce the public to America's military of today.

(6)  Host a commemorative event and invite the local community to attend.

c.  All requests for the use of FORSCOM soldiers and/or assets will be forwarded through channels to the FORSCOM Commemoration Task Force (CTF), which will, in coordination with FORSCOM Headquarters Central Tasking Branch, seek the appropriate command approval for support.  The unit providing support must be able to fund its participation from within its current resources.  The FORSCOM CTF will not be able to provide funding for the unit's participation.  Forward requests to:

U.S. Army Forces Command


1777 Hardee Avenue, S.W.

Fort McPherson, GA 30330-1062

    d.  FORSCOM Historians and Curators will:

(1)  Review the Lewis and Clark Expedition's historical material and become conversant on the values and themes adopted by the Army for use in commemorative and educational activities

(2)  Actively support the inclusion of the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Corps of Discovery into appropriate publications, instructional materials, museum displays, unit ceremonies, as well as other mediums and venues.

(3)  Encourage the organization of a Lewis and Clark CTF within their unit or organization.  It should consist of members of the unit's or organization's Lewis and Clark CTF.

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