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The U.S. Army and the Lewis & Clark Campaign Plan
Annex G: List of Historical and Educational Products

The following is a list of Army Lewis and Clark historical and educational products to date:

1.  Lewis and Clark Training Academy – 2002 (Three Sessions: 21 February; 16-17 March; and 6-7 April).  US Army Corps of Engineers

2.  The U.S. Army and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  US Army Center of Military History Brochure (March 2002)

3.  The Beginning of the Great Expedition. US Army Corps of Engineers Eastern Legacy Brochure (March 2002)

4.  Missouri River Traveler’s Guide and Journal.  US Army Corps of Engineers

5.  The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Portrait of Army Leadership.  US Army Corps of Engineers (Forthcoming)

6.  Lewis and Clark Discovery Box.  US Army Corps of Engineers (Forthcoming)

7.  Lewis and Clark Expedition Trail Audio Tour.  US Army Corps of Engineers (Forthcoming)

8.  Lewis and Clark Expedition Video.  US Army Corps of Engineers (Forthcoming)

9.  Lewis and Clark Informational Packets (Interactive CD-ROM, A&E Biography of Lewis and Clark, and two reference works on the Expedition).  Forces Command

10.  Period Music CD-ROM (April 2002).  Forces Command

11.  Lewis and Clark Traveling Display.  Forces Command

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