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The U.S. Army and the Lewis & Clark Campaign Plan
Annex C: Lewis and Clark Commemorative Office

1.  General.  The Lewis and Clark Commemorative Office (LCCO) coordinates the Army’s commemoration efforts.

2.  Objectives.  The Lewis and Clark Commemorative Office has four key objectives:

a.  Ensure – to the maximum extent possible – that every American involved as a visitor or participant in commemorative events, knows that the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery was a military expedition conducted by soldiers.

b.  Inform as many Army personnel and family members as possible of commemorative programs and events, and maximize their participation (both in person and via the media) in these activities.

c.  Foster – through commemorative events and educational programs – an enduring appreciation of the service, sacrifice, accomplishments, and legacy of US Army Exploration, beginning with the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery.

d.  Maximize public participation in the commemoration – through events, educational and community programs, and the involvement of diverse organizations throughout American Society.

3.  Duties and Responsibilities.

a.  Reports to Chairperson, LCAG

b.  Serves as the Executive Secretary for the LCAG

c.  Serves as Chief Advisor to the Chief of Military History on Lewis and Clark historical matters and interpretation

d.  Prepares and coordinates reports for Chair, LCAG, to the LCEC on the progress of the Army commemoration efforts

e.  Represents the Army at the annual Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Council meetings

f.  Serves as a voting member representing the Army to the Federal Inter-agency Group

g.  Assists OCPA in coordinating a public affairs plan

h.  Serves as the central repository and clearinghouse for information pertaining to commemorative events, activities and programs at all levels

i.  Maintains Army Lewis and Clark Commemorative Events Calendar

j.  Maintains record copies of articles, pamphlets, flyers, or other material provided to the Commemorative Office by other Commands

4.  Tools and Tasks.

a.  Develop a Lewis and Clark link from the US Army Center of Military History web site and maintain its currency

b.  Provide historical background and guidance on Army public exhibits

c.  Provide press releases and articles to support Public Affairs plan

d.  Coordinate and chair quarterly meetings of the LCAG

e.  Coordinate regular meetings of the LCEC

g.  Monitor Army-wide publications and lesson plans

h.  Coordinate Army-wide LCAG taskings in role of Executive Secretary

i.  Respond to official and public inquiries concerning Lewis and Clark activities

j.  Participate in regular meetings of the MOU Federal Working Group

k.  Attend annual meeting of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Council

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