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Engineers in Korea
Supply and Transport
  • Image ES130-14-1 (SC348487)

    A member of the 2nd Engineer Special Brigade throws a hand grenade into a cave to force Communist-led North Korean soldiers out. 16 Sep 1950.

  • Image ES148-16-162

    Cranes load LCM's with gas at Inchon inner harbor. (Tidal Basin) Operations of tidal basin under control of the 532nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment of the Second Engineer Special Brigade. 10 Oct 1950.

  • Image ES148-16-1 (SC364826)

    Men of the 77th Engineer Combat Company blast at Communist troops taking cover in caves imbedded along steep banks of the Hantan River. 11 Apr 1951.

  • Image ES148-16-161

    Unloading supplies from ship into DUKW in the harbor at Inchon, Korea being done by troops of the 532nd Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment. 12 Jun 1951.

  • Image ES120-20-15

    Beach area, Port of Inchon, Korea LST beach and 2 finger piers for dispatching small craft. Open storage area in foreground, tank farm in background. 25 Jan 1953.

  • Image ES21-72-3 (SC433080)

    A helicopter of the 6th Transportation Helicopter Company, U.S. Eighth Army, delivers C-rations to the 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th U.S. Infantry Division, near Panmunjom. 23 May 1953.

  • Image ES150-14-8

    Personnel of D Co, 13th Eng. Comgbat Bn utilizing a Brockway truck to transport sawn lumber. Nov 1953.

  • Image ES148-11-3 (SC385312)

    Rations are sent on a tramway up a hill to members of the 24th U.S. Infantry Division. 20 Nov 1951.

  • Image ES148-11-46 (SC394142)

    Engineer operates telephone communication along tramway, which tansprorts supplies. 2 Mar 1952.

  • Image ES87-16-9 (SC394144)

    Aerial tramway, which transports supplies and carries wounded. 4 Mar 1952.

  • Image ES270-00-116 (SC409559-R)

    Tramway of the 97th Infantry Regiment, 40th US Infantry Division. 19 Jul 1952.