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Engineers in Korea
Road Construction
  • Image ES92-52-1 (SC344020)

    American Army Engineers use a native two-wheeled cart to remove large boulders from a river bad as they clear a route for the davance of American motor vehicles. 24 Jul 1950.

  • Image ES93-60-1 (SC346905)

    An U.S. Army dump truck dumps a load of dirt on the red ball express road whilch runs from Taegu to Waegwan, Korea. 24 Aug 1950.

  • Image ES93-66-4 (SC356685)

    A bulldozer clears the road for a convoy to go over a mountain pass, north of Punggi, Korea. 12 Jan 1951.

  • Image ES93-66-1 (SC361111)

    Men of the 13th Combat Engineer Battalion sand down a slipery road to help prevent accidents to the Division's vehicles, north of Pyongang, Korea. 6 Mar 1951.

  • Image ES82-19-198 (SC369697)

    Soldiers from the 453rd Engineer Construction Battalion operated a D08 bulldozer and carry-all, as he fills in drainage culvert on a railroad bed being constructed from Kimpo to Yongdung-po. 6 Jun 1951.

  • Image ES93-66-122 (SC376083)

    Suspended over mountainside by ropes, men of Co. C, 1343rd Eng. Combat Bn, 8th Army, drill holes for TNT, as they rebuild road caved in during heavy rainfall. 20 Jul 1951.

  • Image ES82-26-29 (SC375062)

    Engineers drill in solid granite to widen a road to be used as a cut-off route. 21 Jul 1951.

  • Image ES46-1-138 (SC376969)

    Men of the 8th Engineer Combat Battalion cut away a washed out road with jack-hammers. 7 Aug 1951.

  • Image ES92-62-6 (SC292030)

    Tank dozer of the 9th Tank Company, 9th In Regt, U.S. 2nd In Div, clears and widens a road. 6 Feb 1952.

  • Image ES92-62-7

    Engineer soldier cuts down the side of a cliff for the new M.S.R. 24 Feb 1952.

  • Image ES92-44-53 (SC414776)

    Soldier from the 378th Engineer Utility Detachment controls the spray switch on a tar sprinkler. 27 Oct 1952.

  • Image ES93-13-1

    Soldiers level dirt and rocks placed over a log roadway to permit supplies to reach the mess hall. Spring thaws and rains have turned the roadways into rivers. 26 Mar 1952.

  • Image ES92-44-55

    Road paving test strip being installed on main supply route #33 by C Co 151st Engineer Combat Battalion. 19 Nov 1953.