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Engineers in Korea
Supply and Transport
  • Image ES130-16-31 (SC361331)

    Men of the 77th Engineer Combat Company strings a barbed wire fence along the Han River in Songnim-dong, Korea. 24 Feb 1951.

  • Image Korea-052 (SC366787)

    New technique -- Army Engineers in Korea have combined mortar sheels and gasoline to produce a new anti-personnel mine and night illumination technique. An 81-mm mortar shell was tird to the top of a 55-gal drum of gasoline and ignited by an electrical charge. 12 May 1951.

  • Image ES130-16-30 (SC379589)

    Members of H Co 5th Cavalry Regiment set up barbed wire entanglement, which guards their company area. 9 Sep 1951.

  • Image ES51-14-21 (SC381042)

    Korean Conflict -- A truck travels along the main supply route near Chupa-Ryonk, Korea, unobserved by enemy. It is protected by a 1650-foot netting, which was erected by men of Company B, 13th Engineer Combat Battalion, US 7th Infantry Division. The netting is to keep the Chinese Communist from observing the volume of traffic -- not to conceal the road. 21 Sep 1951.

  • Image ES86-14-1 (SC393581)

    Searchlights of the 86th Engineer Searchlight Company, cut the darkness as they probe for signs of Communist forces. 24 Feb 1952.

  • Image ES27-11-3 (SC395607)

    Members of C, 14th Eng Combat Bn, 8th US Army ground a hydrogen filled balloon die to high winds. The balloon is 15 feet in diameter and is elevated to 1400 feet to mark the Panmunjom Military Armistice Conference area. 19 Mar 1952.

  • Image ES27-11-4 (SC395626)

    Members of Co C, 14th Eng Combat Bn, 8th US Army, are grounding the new M-1 VLA barrage balloon which is used to mark the Panmunjon Military Armistice Conference perimeter. The balloon is 35 feet long, 14 feet in Diatmeter, hold 3,000 cubic Ft. of Helium gas, and is elevated to a height of 1200 ft. 22 Mar 1952.

  • Image ES51-14-20 (SC401143)

    120th Engineer Battalion, 45th Infantry Division, soldier erects a comouflage net over a road exposed to the Communist Forces, Korea. 7 Jun 1952.

  • Image ES27-11-5 (SC416384)

    Members of the Field Artillery Meteorological and Topographical Detachment, U.S. 8th Army prepares to release a radiosonde into the night. Dec 1952.

  • Image ES21-72-2 (SC433671)

    Major Michael J. Stoke, XO, 79th Ordinance Aircraft Maintenance BN. US 8th Army, and Chaplain (CPT) Charles C. Blake, the flying Captain, leave the Bn area in a helicopter to visit with one of the 79th Ordinance BN units. Korea. 8 Jun 1953.

  • Image ES86-14 (SC539585)

    Old 60 searchlight of WWII had been adapted for a new role by the Engineer Research and Development Laboratories, Ft. Belvoir, Va. The entire unit previously transported on two 2-1/2 ton trucks and a pair of trailers, has been mounted on one truck to provide mobility for its employment in battlefield illumination.

  • Image PR National Guard

    Puerto Rican National Guard, 60th Infantry Regiment.