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Engineers in Korea
Mine Clearing
  • Image ES119-13-52 (SC348837)

    Engineers probe for a booby trap under mine near Haman, Korea. 13 Sep 1950.

  • Image ES119-12-9 (SC348838)

    Soldier from the 77th Engineer Co. prepares to remove a mine. 15 Sep 1950.

  • Image ES119-13-95 (SC359587)

    An anti-tank mine crew starts checking for other possible mines after an M-4 tank of the 32nd RCT, U.S. 7th In Div (in background) was disabled when it hit an anti-tank mine on this road in Korea. 28 Feb 1951.

  • Image ES119-13-11 (SC361471)

    Members of the 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion sweep the roads of Korea for anti-tank mines. 16 Mar 1951.

  • Image ES113-15-1 (SC363821)

    Engineers use a rope to pull a booby-trapped tree off the road in the Techen-ni Area, Korea. Attached to the tree was a Russian-type heat grenade that failed to explode. 14 Apr 1951.

  • Image ES119-13-1 (SC370299)

    soldiers using mine detectors to sweep the road clear of hidden Communist planted land mines for an advancing M-4 tank. 10 Jun 1951.

  • Image ES114-15-3 (SC371785)

    A Chinese anti-personnel bomb, which was found on a ridge near the 15th RCT Command Post, 3rd U.S. Infantry Division. The 55-gallon drum held 8 lbs of fused TNT and was filled with rocks. 15 Jun 1951.

  • Image ES130-19-1 (SC376635)

    Booby-trapped roadblock erected by the Communist across a narrow mountain pass road near Ynaggu, Korea. Discovered by the 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion while clearing the pass of anti-tank mines and booby traps. 5 Aug 1951.

  • Image ES113-16-1 (SC381830)

    Men of the 2nd Platoon, B Co 10th Engineer Battalion check a tank for booby-traps and the area for mines. 8 Oct 1951.