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Engineers in Korea
The Han River Railroad Bridge
  • Image ES210-13-16

    Dr. Syngman Rhee, President, ROK, and Mrs. Rhee (foreground) with Non-commissioned officers of the 62nd Engineets and train crew members in front of the first locomotive to cross the newly construdted railroad bridge spanning the Han River at Seoul, Korea. 19 Oct 1950.

  • Image ES200-15-1 (SC351747)

    A makeshift locomotive water tower constructed of a tank set a top a tower made of criss-crossed railroad ties, and located on a temporary rail bridge across the Han River at Seoul, currently under construction by the 62nd Engineer Battalion. 31 Oct 1950.

  • Image ES42-1-320

    TNT charges are used by men of the 453rd Engineer Construction Battalion, 8th US Army, to blow rocks apart to enable float to maneuver between the two piers, as they repair railroad bridge crossing the Han River, Seoul, Korea. 5 Jun 1951.

  • Image ES41-2-21

    Lt Gen James A. Van Fleet, CG US 8th Army, and LTC Barber, 453rd Eng Const Bn, 8th US Army, are amoung the first men riding the first test train across the newly reconstructed Han River Railroad Bridge at Seoul, Korea. 12 Jun 1951.

  • Image ES42-1-292

    Last girder is raised into place on railroad bridge spanning the Han River, between Seoul and Yongdungpo. 453rd Engineer Battalion EUSK reconstructed bridge. 6 Jun 1951.