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Engineers in Korea
Floating Bridges
  • Image ES41-5-69 (SC349360)

    A pontoon bridge spanning the Han River near Seoul, Korea. 27 Sep 1950.

  • Image ES42-5-84 (SC354457)

    Members of the 55th Engineer Treadway Bridge Company, I Corps, construct a floating bridge at the Han River. 9 Dec 1950.

  • Image ES41-5-70 (SC361166)

    A float bridge across the Han River, Korea, which was erected in four hours by men of the 65th Engineer Combat Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, the pontoon bridge was constructed in sixteen hours. 8 Mar 1951.

  • Image ES41-5-71 (SC361174)

    The first vechicles cross the pontoon bridge built by the 14th Engineer Battalion, I Corps, spanning the Han River, Korea. 9 Mar 1951.

  • Image ES41-5-136

    Members of the 65th RCT use a pontoon bridge built by men of the 10th Engineer Battalion, to cross the Han River. 18 Mar 1951.

  • Image ES42-5-118 (SC434170)

    Members of the 1437th Treadway Bridge CO, US 8th Army, erecting a floating bridge on Route #3-D after the flooded roadbed washed out. 8 Jul 1952.

  • Image ES42-5-207 (SC434175)

    Fully inflated pontoons are placed in position as work begins to put a floating bridge across the flooded Han Tan River on Route #19 main Supply route to the Chorwon Valley. 10 Jul 1953.

  • Image ES42-5-209 (SC434176)

    Tanks of Co B, 64th Tank Bn, (90-mm gun), 3rd U.S. In Div, start across newly constructed floating bridge across the flodded Han Tan River. 10 Jul 1953.