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Engineers in Korea
Ferries and Rafts
  • Image ES30-25-6 (SC349009)

    A long line of jeeps waiting to be ferried across the Kumho-gang River cause a traffic jam on the way to the front in Korea. 16 Sep 1950.

  • Image ES30-25-101 (SC348898)

    Tank of the 24th ID is loaded on pontoon barge at the Naktong River to be transported across, during offensive by US troops against the Communist-led North Korean forces in that area. 20 Sep 1950.

  • Image Korea-043 (SC361277)

    Interrupted in their task of building a raft at the Han River front by Chinese Communist fire, these men of the 14th Combat Engineer Battalion, I Corps, return fire from behind a protecting bulldozer. 7 Mar 1951.

  • Image ES30-25-102 (SC362090)

    Riding on a ferry boat built of spare bridge parts and landing boats by men of the 10th Eng Combat Bn, 3rd ID, an Infantry platoon of the 7th RCT, 3rd ID arrives at the south shore of the Han River. 16 Mar 1951.

  • Image Korea-074 (SC406203)

    A pontoon ferry which has been put into operation by men of the 14th Engineer Combat BAttalion, U.S. 8th Army, while reconstruction is being completed on the bridge crossing the Han River. 15 July 1952.

  • Image ES44-6-7 (SC414172)

    Engineers carry an aluminum half-pontoon , weighing 1,740 pounds, to the water at a raft-building site. 8 Nov 1952.