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Engineers in Korea
  • Image ES13-13-2 (SC350267)

    Engineers of the 1st Cavalry Division constrct an airstrip for light aircraft of their Div in Cumzon, 20 miles north of Seoul, Korea. 6 Oct 1950.

  • Image ES92-66-1 (SC375539)

    Korean laborers construct a mortar revetment on the side of a mountain road near Yonchion, Korea. 13 Jul 1951.

  • Image ES13-33-2

    Slow, painstaking toil is nothing to these Korean women and in this case, their labors are rewarede with precious rice. More than 1000 men, women and children are aiding the US Far East Forces in putting Kimpo Airbase, Seoul, Korea, into a serviceable condition for possible future use. Apr 1951.

  • Image ES250-12-130 (SC413125)

    Half a pre-fabricated bunker ready for delivery to front line troops who will complete in approximately one hour. The bunker is 12' x 10' x 7' and can house twelve men. It was desighed and built by men of the Pioneer and Ammnition Platoon, Headquarters Co, 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th US Infantry Division. 4 Oct 1952.

  • Image ES250-12-107

    Members of the 378th Engineer Combat Battalion constructing a Half Moon Quonset hut during the winterization project. Nov 1953.

  • Image ES250-12-109

    A straight wall Quonset hut erected under winterization project by the 378th Engineer Combat Battalion, Korea. Dec 1953.

  • Image ES12-10-2

    Men of the 44th Engineer Construction Bn. Korean Base Section, prepare a helicopter landing strip at Task Force Olson's Ascom City processing area, Korea, for POW's returned under operation Reclaim. 18 Jan 1954.

  • Image ES82-19-160 (SC505394)

    Soldier of B Co, 11th Eng Bn, 36th Eng Group, operated a D-7 bulldozer at the ASP 39 Rock Pit. 9 Oct 1956.