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Engineers in Korea
Civilian Construction
  • Image Korea-038

    Members of Co "B", 11th Engineer Combat Battalion, 8th Army, operate a sawmill in the Battalion area. 11 Dec 1953.

  • Image Korea-027

    Soldiers from B Co, 378th Engineer Combat Battalion, 8th Army, places belts in a section of a 36 inch pipe, which will bridge a stream in the aqueduct and will carry water to the Korean village of Yong Jeng Myon. Armed forces Assistance to Korea program. 28 Mar 1954.

  • Image ES87-14-157 (SC451736)

    The water point of the 151st Eng Const Bn at Song-Gam-Do, site of an orphanage being constructed under the AFAK Program, Project #7169. 15 Apr 1954.

  • Image Korea-068

    Hospital at the Myon village, Korea, being constructed by B Co, 74th Engineer Combat Battalion, 8th Army, under the AFAK program. 6 May 1954.

  • Image Korea-036

    Personnel of Co "B", 1343rd Engineer Combat Battalion, 8th Army, Construct a dam wall for a water system being built as part of the AFAK program. 8 May 1954.

  • Image ES41-1-189

    Single lane bridge being constructed on route 10, near Inchon, Korea, by members of the 44th Eng Construction Bn, 8th UA Army, as part of Armed Forces Assistance to Korea Program. 18 Jun 1954.

  • Image Korea-066

    New 1,000-pupil school being constructed in one of two 3rd US Infantry resettlement areas for Koreans. 24 Aug 1954.

  • Image ES87-14-204

    Water Point #5 of the 3rd Engineer Combat Battalion. Tent that houses purification equipment and men; trucks waiting for water. Capable of purifying 3,300 gallons of water per hour.