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Engineers in Korea
Building and Repairing Bridges
  • Image ES91-56-6 (SC349005)

    2 ½ ton trucks cross a river by underwater bridge, eight miles northwest of Taegu, Korea, on their way to the front line. 16 Sep 1950

  • Image ES42-1-173 (SC34934)

    Troops of the 73rd Combat Battalion bridge a small stream in Sosa, Korea. 23 Sep 1950

  • Image ES41-0-9

    Engineers of the 2nd ID construct a by-pass for heavy equipment to cross the Hwang-gang River, in order to give support to the infantry, five miles on the other side of the river. Only jeeps can cross on the damaged bridges at left 25 Sep 1950

  • Image ES42-10-202 (SC349412)

    A Bailey Bridge is constructed over a destroyed bridge near the Naktong River by Korean Army Engineers, under the supervision of the KMAG Engineer Advisor. A knocked-out tank of the communist-led North Koreans is under the destroyed bridge. 27 Sep 1950

  • Image ES41-10-74 (SC363235)

    US Army vehicles passover a Bailey bridge constructed by engineers of the 7th In Div at Yongdongpo, Korea. 27 Sep 1950

  • Image ES43-1-62 (SC357349)

    Men of the 8th Eng Bn, 1st Cav Div put logs under weakened support of a bridge near Yangzi, Korea, to prevent its collapse until a tank retriever can arrive and remove the M-4 tank. 28 Jan 1951

  • Image Korea-013 (SC358772)

    Men of the 185th Engineer Battalion, X Corps, attempt to free a dump truck that broke through a bridge weakened by floating ice and heavy rains, raising the Han river to flood level. A member of the group shoots ice cakes to break up a possible ice jam. 23 Feb 1951

  • Image ES148-16-2 (SC359755)

    Men of the 13th Engineers were leaving to begin repairs on a bridge in Ami-dong, when enemy burp guns opened fire forcing them to "bail out" and take cover. 1 Mar 1951

  • Image ES41-1-308 (SC365132)

    A fixed trestle bridge, part of a M4A2 bridge constructed by men of the 10th Engineer Combat Battalion, which crosses the Han River. 14 Mar 1951

  • Image ES42-1-329

    Placing the cross brace on the foundation of a pier by a crane which is sitting on sandbags in the Pukhan River, are men of the 84th Engineer Construction Battalion, 8th US Army, during the reconstruction of the bridge. 7 Jun 1951

  • Image ES42-5-156

    U.S. Army Engineers repair the vital river bridge over which the UN armistice convoy must pass daily to reach the conference site at Kaesong. 3 Aug 1951

  • Image ES42-1-175 (SC385298)

    Men of the 1113th Engineer Battalion, 11th Republic of Korea Division use logs and rocks, as they construct bridge near Division Headquarters. 9 Nov 1951

  • Image ES42-1-165 (SC410003)

    Members of Co "C", 84th Engineer Const Bn, US 8th Army, lower a 40 foot steel pile used for bent cap into water to be power driven 22 feet into the Imjin River bed during the reconstruction of the Freedom Gate Bridge at Munsan-ni. 16 Oct 1952

  • Image ES42-5-91 (SC375567)

    Soldier of the 151st Engineer Combat Battalion operates pull-lift in checking height of bridge approach against tide.