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3d Cavalry Regiment Museum

The 3d Cavalry Division Museum will be closing for good on October 1st. It will be replaced by the new National Mounted Warrior Museum which is expected to open in mid2023. The new webpage for the National Mounted Warrior Museum is coming soon.


The 3d Cavalry Regiment Museum tells the history of the Regiment from its establishment in 1846 to its present day operations. Much of the Regiment's lore derives from its early years as the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen. It was during the Mexican War that General Winfield Scott honored the Regiment with, "Brave Rifles! Veterans! You have been baptized in fire and blood, and come out steel." The regiment participated in the Civil War's westernmost campaign in New Mexico, by which time it had been re-named the 3d US Cavalry, and served all along the frontier during the Indian Wars, distinguishing itself especially at the Battle of Rosebud Creek. Later, the regiment fought in the Spanish-American War and the Philippines, fought in World War I and II, and guarded the West during the Cold War. The 3d Cavalry led the way in Gulf War, and has deployed numerous times to Iraq and Afghanistan during the war on terror. The gallery exhibits, outdoor vehicle displays and commemorative monuments all pay tribute to the contributions and sacrifices of the 3d Cavalry Regiment.

Museum Tours

The museum gallery and vehicle park are set up for self-guided tours, but fully guided tours are available upon request. Larger tour groups are welcome, and the staff offers specialized tours for these groups depending upon special interest or need. Larger tour groups should preferably contact the museum staff a week prior to their visit so that the staff can better accommodate the group.

Museum Educational Programs

The museum offers historical presentations on a variety of subjects and to a wide range of audiences. It also offers special exhibits, using its education collection, at off-post locations. The staff also provides professional development training for the military, staff rides at historical sites, and school group events.

Visiting the Museum

Admission Free


Monday 0900 1600
Tuesday 0900 1600
Wednesday 0900 1600
Thursday 0900 1600
Friday 0900 1600
Saturday 1000 1600
Sunday 1200 1600

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

761st Tank Battalion Ave, Bldg 409
Fort Hood, TX 76544

Contact Us

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Phone: (254) 287-8812

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PO Box 5187
Bldg 409
Fort Hood, TX 76544