82d Airborne Division Museum


The museum is dedicated to telling the history of the 82d Airborne Division from 1917 to the present. We are located on Fort Bragg, North Carolina in Building C-6841, 5108 Ardennes Street, 28310. Please see the ‘Contact Us’ Section for directions to the museum. Major General James M. Gavin began the concept of the museum in 1945, when the 82d Airborne Division received the honor of Occupation Duty in Berlin at the end of World War II. Inside the Division headquarters a trophy and news room held information about their war effort and the nation’s victory.

Visiting the Museum

Admission free


Monday Closed —
Tuesday 0900 –1700
Wednesday 0900 –1700
Thursday 0900–1700
Friday 0900 –1700
Saturday 0900 — 1700
Sunday 1100 —1700

Open on the following Federal Holidays: MLK Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans’ Day.

Closed all other Federal Holidays

Building C-6841
5108 Ardennes Street
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310

Contact Us

Information Line: : 910-432-3443 or 5307
Museum Director: Mr. John W. Aarsen
Museum Curator: Mr. Christopher M. Ruff
Museum Technician: Mr. Rafael (Ralph) Alvarez
Gift Shop Manager: Mrs. Shantay McQueen - 910-436-1735