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Fort George G. Meade Museum

Permanently closed


The Fort George G. Meade Museum was established to collect, preserve, study and exhibit historical artifacts pertaining to the history of Fort George G. Meade. The Museum is dedicated "in proud memory of those members of the United States Army who died in the defense of Freedom".

Inside the museum, visitors will discover a wealth of historic artifacts, photographs, documents, and paintings. Outside, on the beautifully landscaped Museum grounds, visitors can see historic military equipment including tanks, armored personnel carriers, a Nike "Ajax" missile, and a helicopter.

Visiting the Museum

Permanently closed
Admission Free


Monday 11am 4pm
Tuesday 11am 4pm
Wednesday 11am 4pm
Thursday 11am 4pm
Friday 11am 4pm
Saturday 11am 4pm
Sunday Closed -
Fort George G. Meade Museum
4674 Griffin Ave
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Access for Post Visitors: Same day visits may not be possible for non-DoD ID cardholders. Those who are not DoD affiliated personnel must have a valid purpose for entering the installation. Visiting the museum is no longer a valid reason for access to Fort Meade. To avoid delays visitors should be accompanied by a DoD ID cardholder (generally a Service member or federal employee). At a minimum, visitors should be prepared to present two forms of identification with one being a driver's license if operating a motor vehicle when entering the installation.

Contact Us

  • Tel: 301-677-6966