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77th Engineer Company

Lineage and Honors Information as of 15 November 2006

77th Engineer Company Lineage

Constituted 1 October 1933 in the Regular Army as the 77th Engineer Company

Activated 2 June 1941 at Fort Custer, Michigan

Reorganized and redesignated 1 April 1942 as the 77th Engineer Light Ponton Company

Inactivated 27 November 1945 at the New York Port of Embarkation

Redesignated 15 November 1946 as the 77th Engineer Combat Company

Activated 6 December 1946 in Japan

Assigned 27 February 1947 to the 25th Infantry Division

Inactivated 15 April 1953 in Korea and relieved from assignment to the 25th Infantry Division

Redesignated 8 May 1956 as the 77th Engineer Company

Activated 15 May 1956 at West Point, New York

Inactivated 15 May 1958 at West Point, New York

Activated 1 December 1961 at Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Inactivated 1 July 1963 at Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Activated 3 June 1966 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Inactivated 21 February 1973 at Fort Eustis, Virginia

Activated 16 September 2006 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

77th Engineer Company Honors

Campaign Participation Credit

World War II: India-Burma; Central Burma

Korean War: UN Defensive; UN Offensive; CCF Intervention; First UN Counteroffensive; CCF Spring Offensive; UN Summer-Fall Offensive; Second Korean Winter; Korea, Summer-Fall 1952; Third Korean Winter



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