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98th Infantry Division

World War II

Activated: 15 September 1942.

Overseas: 13 April 1944.

Awards: LM-1; SM-8 ; BSM-146.


Maj. Gen. Paul L. Ransom (September 1942-November 1943)
Maj. Gen. George W. Griner, Jr. (November 1943-26 June 1944)
Maj. Gen . Ralph C. Smith (15 July 1944-30 August 1944)
Maj. Gen. Arthur McK. Harper (November 1944 to inactivation).

Inactivated: 16 February 1946 in Japan.

Combat Chronicle

The 98th Infantry Division saw no combat in World War II. It arrived in Hawaii, 19 April 1944, and remained on security duty until the end of the war in the Pacific. In mid-August 1945, the Division left for occupation duty in Japan, arriving on 27 September 1945.


Nickname: Iroquois. Shoulder patch: Shield in shape of great seal of the State of New York containing an Indian's head in orange superimposed on a blue background bordered in orange. Association: 98th Division Association, 23 Maple Avenue, Cambridge 39, Mass. (Edward A. Conley, secretary-treasurer). Publication: 98th Division Association News; published quarterly by the 98th Division Association.


[Nota Bene: These combat chronicles, current as of October 1948, are reproduced from The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950, pp. 510-592.]

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