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13th Airborne Division

World War II

Activated: 13 August 1943.

Overseas: 25 January 1945.

Campaigns: Central Europe.

Awards: MH-1 ; LM-6; BSM-50.


Maj. Gen. George W. Griner (August-November 1943)
Maj. Gen. Elbridge G. Chapman, Jr. (November. 1943 to inactivation).

Returned to U. S.: 23 August 1945.

Inactivated: 25 February 1946.

Campaign Chronicle

Although assigned to the First Allied Airborne Army in Europe, the Division as a whole was not committed to action in the European theater. The Division continued its training in France and was alerted for several operations, but these did not materialize. One of its elements, the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment, which was assigned to the Division 1 March 1945, had previously seen combat in Italy, Southern France, and in the Ardennes. The Division returned to the United States in August 1945 for redeployment to the Pacific but the end of the war precluded its use in combat in that theater.

Assignments in the ETO *

6 February 1945: XVIII (Abn) Corps, First Allied (Abn) Army.
3 April 1945: First Allied (Abn) Army, but attached to the Oise Section, Communication Zone, for supply and administration.


Shoulder patch: A winged unicorn in gold on a blue shield; over the patch is a tab with the word "Airborne." Association: 13th Airborne Division Association, Mr. Fred E. Haderman, 31 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. Publications: 13th Airborne Division History; by Lt. Col. William J. Blythe, unit historian; Albert Love Enterprises, Atlanta 2, Ga.; 1946. Pictorial Review: by unit members; Albert Love Enterprises, Atlanta 2, Ga.; 1944.

* See footnote, 1st Infantry Division.


[Nota Bene: These combat chronicles, current as of October 1948, are reproduced from The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950, pp. 510-592.]

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