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2d Cavalry Division

World War II

Activated: Originally activated 1 April 1941
Elements of the Division were transferred and inactivated 15 July 1942
Inactive elements were reactivated 25 February 1943, with Negro enlisted personnel.

Overseas: Arrived at Oran, North Africa, 9 March 1944

Campaigns: None.


Brig. Gen. Terry de la Mesa Allen (April 1941-May 1941)
Brig. Gen. John Millikin (June 1941-April 1942)
Brig. Gen. John B. Coulter (May 1942-June 1942)
Maj. Gen. Harry H. Johnson (February 1943-March 1944).

Inactivated: 10 May 1944, in the NATO.


[Nota Bene: These combat chronicles, current as of October 1948, are reproduced from The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950, pp. 510-592.]

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