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The Eastman Forts

The Eastman Forts - Guide to the Print Set


In 1978 the Center of Military History published a set of ten prints selected from a series of seventeen paintings of Army forts by Seth Eastman. This set has been out of print for a number of years, and there have been numerous requests to reissue it. In response to the apparent popularity of the earlier edition the Center of Military History, in cooperation with the Architect of the Capitol, is pleased to present this new edition of The Eastman Forts.

This edition differs from the earlier one in a number of ways. Although both editions have ten prints, they do not include the same forts; the images in this set were selected to present a sample of the variety of installations the Army garrisoned in the nineteenth century. The paintings, on public display in the Capitol, have been recently cleaned and renovated; these reproductions are thus much closer to the originals. Finally, this edition includes a brief history of each fort, a biographical sketch of Eastman, and suggested further readings on the artist and the forts.

Brigadier General, USA
Chief of Military History

Center of Military History
United States Army
Washington, DC, 1992

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