The American Soldier, 1918

During the two years and eight months prior to U.S. entry into World War I the Medical Department of the Army together with the American Red Cross laid the foundation for the successful operation of the Department during the war. The base hospitals, hospitals, and ambulance units then organized later formed the backbone of the hospital service in France and other theaters of war.

In the right foreground is a Medical Department lieutenant colonel in the olive drab uniform adopted in 1902 and worn with later changes, notably those of 1911, during World War I. On is collar he has the letters U.S. and the caduceus, both in dull bronze. His overseas cap, with a maroon piping also designating his branch, his Sam Browne belt, and the trench coat he carries are all modeled on those worn by the British and adopted by the United States Army. His cordovan undress boots are laced on the instep and closed with a strap on the top.

In the center foreground is an Army nurse in navy blue worsted military overcoat and velour hat, and high tan shoes prescribed in August 1917. On the collar of the overcoat she wears the metal letters U.S. and the caduceus, also in metal, with the letters A.N.C. superimposed.

In the left foreground is a Red Cross nurse identified as such by her cap. She wears the gray indoor uniform with white collar and cuffs under a white apron worn by all American nurses in the AEF or serving with the British and French armies. This gray uniform had been adopted after it was found that the white indoor uniform formerly worn was impracticable for use in France.

In the left and center background are two military policemen in the regulation olive drab uniform with puttees or woven spiral leggings, and brown, sheepskin leather jerking. Their steel helmets, adopted in 1917, are modeled on those used by the British. On their right arm they wear blue denim brassards with the letters MP outlined in blue thread.

In the right background is a Medical Department enlisted man, his white brassard bearing a red cross on it.