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This book could not possibly be the work of one person. It is the result of the efforts of the Order of Battle sub-section of the Office of the Theater Historian, Hq, ETOUSA (Later USFET). This sub-section was conceived early in 1945 and was authorized to commence work in March 1945 by Colonel S.L.A. Marshall, Theater Historian and operated under the general direction of Lt Col Hugh M. Cole, Deputy Theater Historian.

All together some 33 persons worked directly on the research, compilation, and production of this work. Among these, certain persons rendered outstanding and valuable service, without which the book would have never been completed. To CWO Meyer M. Cahn goes credit for organizing the research projects and driving the production through to the conclusion. To T Sgt Russell M. Viets, Tec 3 Kenneth L. Kinser, Tec 3 Paul R. Liles, and Tec 5 Arthur A. Herman who directed the individual research projects should go full credit for the complete compilation of the great wealth of detail. Four French civilian women employees who worked on the project from the beginning and rendered outstanding are Miss Susie Y. Aubry, Mrs. Madeleine Mansuy, Mrs. Elfie de Beaufort, and Mrs. Margaret Weiss. Others who worked on the Order of Battle for varying periods were 1st Lt George E. Moise, 1st Lt Emerson L. Batdorff, WOJG Joseph F. Bierstein, S Sgt Jorgen J. Jensen, WAC Tec 3 Pearl Snyder, Tec 3 Everett D. Clodfelter, Tec 3 Lewis W. Furda, Sgt Frank J. Beyer, Pfc Thomas R. Jurras, Pfc David A. Sherwood, Pfc Leonard L. Schneider, Pvt George J. Halas and the following French persons: Misses Toni D. Lambert, Josette Branswyck, Genevieve Bernard, Genevieive Joachim, Celine O. Saulnier, June Grimshaw, France Baissac de Rune, Irene Ephrussi, Elizabeth Hanley and Mmes Marguerite Mirre, and Erika Kenedi. Credit should also go to the division historians who cooperated in furnishing material and checking our work.

Mine was the happier task of planning, organizing and editing the book.


Captain, Ord. Dept.
Chief, Order of Battle Sub-section
Office of the Theater Historian.

Paris, France
15 December 1945