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102d Infantry Division

"Ozark Division"

 The division insignia combines a golden "O", "Z", and an arc on a circular blue background to spell out the nickname of the division, "Ozark". In 1921, the division became part of the Organized Reserve and was allocated to the states of Arkansas and Missouri, the Ozark region, and therefore adopted the design. When the French settled in this area, they found it inhabited by Indians who were very proficient with the bow and arrow, and they therefore called the entire region "Terre aux arcs" or "Bow Country". "Ozark" is an Americanization of "aux arcs", and the arc in the insignia actually represents an Indian bow and signifies marksmanship. Gold and blue are the colors which tradition has always associated with valor and distinction.

 Motto: "Distinction, Valor, Marksmanship"

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Commanding General

22 Sep 44 Brig. Gen. Frank A. Keating
2 Jan 45 Maj. Gen. Frank A. Keating

Assistant Division Commander

22 Sep 44 Brig. Gen. Alonzo P. Fox

Artillery Commander

22 Sep 44 Col. James G. Watkins

Chief of Staff

22 Sep 44 Col. George P. Lynch

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1

22 Sep 44 Lt. Col. Joseph H. Chaille

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2

22 Sep 44 Lt. Col. Charles J. Parsons

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3

22 Sep 44 Lt. Col. Claude L. Crawford

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4

22 Sep 44 Lt. Col. Arthur W. Allen, Jr.

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5

16 Oct 44 Maj. John E. Wiley

Adjutant General

16 Dec 44 Lt. Col. Frank H. Stone

Commanding Officer, 405th Infantry

4 Apr 44 Col. Laurin L. Williams

Commanding Officer, 406th Infantry

22 Sep 44 Col. Bernard F. Hurless

Commanding Officer, 407th Infantry

22 Sep 44 Col. James C. Reed
29 Jan 45 Col. Philip R. Dwyer

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Antiaircraft Artillery

556th AAA AW Bn (Mbl) 2Nov44-11Nov44
548th AAA AW Bn (Mbl) 11Nov44-25Jun45
473d AAA AW Bn (SP) 8Dec44-9Dec44
Btry B, 473d AAA AW Bn (SP) 10Dec44-10Jan45
Btry C, 559th AAA AW Bn (Mbl) 8Feb45-25Feb45


771st Tk Bn 4Nov44-20Dec44
40th Tk Bn (7th Armd Div) 27Nov44-28Nov44
17th Tk Bn (7th Armd Div) 30Nov44-3Dec44
744th Tk Bn 20Dec44-23Dec44
Co C, 739th Tk Bn (Mine Exploder) 20Jan45-27Jan45
Co A, 739th Tk Bn (Mine Exploder) 21Jan45-27Jan45
Sq B, Br 1st Lothians & Border Yeo (Br 79th Armd Div) 23Jan45-26Jan45
Sq B, Br Fife & Forfar Yeo (Br 79th Armd Div) 23Jan45-27Jan45
Br 22d Dragoon Gds Armd Regt (Br 79th Armd Div) 23Jan45-28Jan45
CC B (5th Armd Div) 6Feb45-24Feb45
701st Tk Bn (-Co D) 4Apr45-2Jul45


113th Cav Gp 14Nov44-23Nov44
113th Cav Rcn Sq 14Nov44-23Nov44
125th Cav Rcn Sq 14Nov44-23Nov44
Task Force BIDDLE (113th Cav Gp) 18Nov44-21Nov44
Hq&Hq Tr, 113th Cav Gp 18Nov44-21Nov44
113th Cav Rcn Sq 18Nov44-21Nov44
125th Cav Rcn Sq (-Tr B) 18Nov44-21Nov44
40th Tk Bn (7th Armd Div) 18Nov44-21Nov44
440th Armd FA Bn (7th Armd Div) 18Nov44-21Nov44
434th Armd FA Bn (7th Armd Div) 18Nov44-21Nov44
849th Armd FA Bn (7th Armd Div) 18Nov44-21Nov44
83d Armd FA Bn 18Nov44-21Nov44
Co C, 171st Engr C Bn 18Nov44-21Nov44
Co A, 814th TD Bn (SP) 18Nov44-21Nov44
Btrys A & C, 203d AAA AW Bn (SP) 18Nov44-21Nov44
11th Cav Gp 13Dec44-3Feb45
36th Cav Rcn Sq 13Dec44-3Feb45
44th Cav Rcn Sq 13Dec44-3Feb45
113th Cav Rcn Sq 20Dec44-24Dec44
17th Cav Rcn Sq 24Dec44-29Jan45
11th Cav Gp 9Feb45-24Feb45
36th Cav Rcn Sq 9Feb45-24Feb45
44th Cav Rcn Sq 9Feb45-24Feb45
Tr B, 36th Cav Rcn Sq 11Apr45-13Apr45


Co C, 92d Cml Mort Bn 23Nov44-24Nov44
Co C, 92d Cml Mort Bn 30Nov44-4Dec44
Co C (-1st Plat), 92d Cml Mort Bn 19Dec44-23Dec44
Co C, 92d Cml Mort Bn 24Dec44
Co C (-1st Plat), 92d Cml Mort Bn 25Dec44-7Feb45
92d Cml Mort Bn (-Co A) 22Jan45-27Jan45
74th Cml SG Co 3Feb45-5Feb45
3d Cml Mort Bn (-Cos C and D) 6Feb45-7Mar45
74th Cml SG Co 24Feb45-25Feb45
Co B, 3d Cml Mort Bn 22Mar45-30Mar45
Co A, 3d Cml Mort Bn 9Apr45-19Apr45
Cos B and C, 3d Cml Mort Bn 14Apr45-19Apr45
Co A, 3d Cml Mort Bn 3May45-10May45


1276th Engr C Bn 27Dec44-26Jan45
171st Engr C Bn 12Jan45-16Jan45
252d Engr C Bn 15Jan45-26Jan45
336th Engr C Bn 15Jan45-26Jan45
277th Engr C Bn 15Jan45-28Jan45

Field Artillery

252d FA Bn (105mm How) 23Nov44-12Mar45
Btry A, 557th FA Bn (155mm Gun) 27Nov44-2Dec44
83d Armd FA Bn 29Nov44-19Dec44
692d FA Bn (105mm How) 20Dec44-27Jan45
691st FA Bn (105mm How) 20Dec44-30Jan45
557th FA Bn (- Btry A) (155mm Gun) 26Jan45-27Jan45


335th CT (84th Div) 24Nov44-27Nov44
40th Tk Bn (7th Armd Div) 24Nov44-27Nov44
Co A, 814th TD Bn (SP) 24Nov44-27Nov44
48th Armd Inf Bn (7th Armd Div) 5Dec44-9Dec44
2d Bn, 335th Inf (84th Div) 18Apr45-23Apr45

Tank Destroyer

771st TD Bn (SP)(- Co C) 4Nov44-30Mar45
605th TD Bn (T) 15Feb45-2Mar45
771st TD Bn (SP) (- Co B and one platoon of Rcn Co) 10Apr45-17Apr45
771st TD Bn (SP) 27Apr45-3Jul45

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Co B, 327th Engr C Bn 2d Armd Div 16Nov44-25Nov44
1st Plat, Co A, 327th Engr C Bn 84th Div 19Nov44-28Nov44

Field Artillery

380th FA Bn 2d Armd Div 17Nov44-25Nov44
379th FA Bn 84th Div 19Nov44-2Dec44
381st FA Bn XIII Corps 20Apr45-22Apr45


406th Inf 30th Div 25Oct44-6Nov44
405th Inf 2d Armd Div 26Oct44-3Nov44
407th Inf 29th Div 28Oct44-3Nov44
1st Bn, 405th Inf 2d Armd Div 3Nov44-7Nov44
406th Inf (-1st Bn) 2d Armd Div 6Nov44-25Nov44
1st Bn, 406th Inf 30th Div 7Nov44-9Nov44
1st Bn, 406th Inf 2d Armd Div 9Nov44-25Nov44
3d Bn, 407th Inf Task Force BIDDLE 19Nov44-20Nov44
3d Bn, 405th Inf 84th Div 19Nov44-27Nov44
405th CT (-3d Bn) 84th Div 19Nov44-2Dec44
407th CT (-1st Bn) XIII Corps 27Feb45
1st Bn, 407th Inf XIII Corps 27Feb45-1Mar45
3d Bn, 405th Inf Hq, Sp Trps, Ninth Army 27Mar45-5Apr45
Co B, 407th Inf XIII Corps 6Apr45-11Apr45
407th CT XIII Corps 12Apr45-17Apr45
1st Bn, 406th CT 5th Armd Div 13Apr45-16Apr45
407th CT (-3d Bn) 5th Armd Div 17Apr45-18Apr45
407th CT XIII Corps 18Apr45-26Apr45
1st Bn, 406th Inf XIII Corps 19Apr45-22Apr45
Co A, 406th Inf XIII Corps 26Apr45-3May45

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Assigned Attached Assigned Attached
28Aug44   Ninth   ETOUSA 12th  
5Sep44 III Ninth   12th  
10Oct44 XVI Ninth   12th  
3Nov44 XIX Ninth   12th  
7Nov44 XIII Ninth   12th  
20Dec44 XIII Ninth   12th British 21st
1Apr45 XIII (Admin) Ninth Fifteenth (Operations) 12th (-)
4Apr45 XIII Ninth (-) 12th  

(-) indicates relieved from assignment

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3Sep44 Gourock Renfrew Scotland
9Sep44 Omaha Beach Calvados France
13Sep44 Valognes (staging area) Manche France
26Sep44 Theville Manche France
27Oct44 Eygelshoven (vicinity southeast) Limburg Netherlands
1Nov44 Moorveld Limburg Netherlands
2Nov44 Brunssum (3000 yards northeast) Limburg Netherlands
12Nov44 Heerlen Limburg Netherlands
24Nov44 Ubach (1000 yards southeast) Rhineland Germany
25Feb45 Linnich Rhineland Germany
27Feb45 Lovenich Rhineland Germany
27Feb45 Erklenz Rhineland Germany
2Mar45 Rheindahlen Rhineland Germany
2Mar45 Viersen Rhineland Germany
12Mar45 Krefeld Rhineland Germany
5Apr45 Lembeck Rhineland Germany
6Apr45 Buldern (1000 yards southeast) Westphalia Germany
7Apr45 Munster (2000 yards northeast) Westphalia Germany
9Apr45 Werther Westphalia Germany
10Apr45 Bad Oeynhausen Westphalia Germany
11Apr45 Buckeburg Westphalia Germany
12Apr45 Bad Nenndorf Hannover Germany
13Apr45 Lehrte Hannover Germany
14Apr45 Gifhorn Hannover Germany
14Apr45 Oebisfelde Hannover Germany
15Apr45 Bismark Magdeburg Germany
26Apr45 Gardelegen Magdeburg Germany

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