List of Abbreviations

A-1    Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Personnel
A-4    Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Materiel
AAA    Antiaircraft artillery
AAB    Army air base
AACS    Army Airways Communications Service
AAF    Army Air Forces
ACofAS    Assistant Chief of Air Staff
ACofS    Assistant Chief of Staff
AFHQ    Allied Forces Headquarters (North Africa)
AFPAC    Army Forces in the Pacific
AFWESPAC    Army Forces in the West Pacific
AG    Adjutant general
AGCT    Army General Classification Test
AGD    Adjutant General's Department
AGF    Army Ground Forces
AGO    Adjutant General's Office
AMET    Africa-Middle East Theater
ANC    Army Nurse Corps
AR    Army Regulations
ASC    Air Service Command
ASF    Army Service Forces
Asgmt    Assignment
ASTP    Army Specialized Training Program
ASW    Assistant Secretary of War
ATC    Air Transport Command
ATS    Auxiliary Territorial Service
AUS    Army of the United States
AWS    Aircraft Warning Service
AWVS    American Women's Volunteer Services
Bd    Board
Bn    Battalion
CBI    China-Burma-India theater
Cbl    Cablegram
CDD    Certificate of Disability for Discharge
Cen    Center


CFTC    Central Flying Training Command
CG    Commanding General
CIC    Counterintelligence Corps
CID    Criminal Investigation Division
CinC    Commander-in-chief
Cir    Circular
Classif    Classification
CM-IN    Classified Message sent into Pentagon
CM-OUT    Classified Message sent out of Pentagon
CO    Commanding Officer
Co    Company
Cof    Chief of (in combinations)
CofS    Chief of Staff
CofT    Chief of Transportation
Com    Committee
Comd    Command
Comdr    Commander
Comdt    Commandant
Comptr    Comptroller
Conf    Conference
Contl    Control
CSigO    Chief Signal Officer
CT    China Theater
CWS    Chemical Warfare Service
DCofS    Deputy Chief of Staff
Def    Defense
Dep    Deputy
Det    Detachment
D/F    Disposition Form
Dir    Director
Div    Division
DRB AGO    Departmental Records Branch, Adjutant General's Office
EDC    Eastern Defense Command
EFS    Extended Field Service
EM Enlisted men
Engr    Engineer
Enl    Enlisted
Enlmt    Enlistment
ESCTC    Eastern Signal Corps Training Center
ETO    European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA    European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army


EW    Enlisted women
Exec    Executive, executive Officer
FA    Field Artillery
FEAF    Far East Air Forces
FEASC    Far East Air Service Command
Fin    Finance
Fld    Field
G-1    Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel
G-2    Assistant Chief of Staff for Military Intelligence
G-3    Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and Training
G-4    Assistant Chief of Staff for Supply and Evacuation
Gen    General
GO    General Orders
Gp    Group
GS    General Staff
HD SSLSA    Historical Division, Special Staff, U.S. Army
Hist    Historical
HR    House of Representatives (before bill numbers)
HRPOE    Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation
IBT    India-Burma theater
I&E    Information and Education
IG    Inspector general
IGD    Inspector General's Department
Ind    Indorsement
Insp    Inspection, inspector
Int    Intelligence
Intcrv    Interview
IOS    Intermediate Officer's School
IPD    Industrial Personnel Division
JA    Judge Advocate
JAG    The Judge Advocate General
Leg    Legislative
Ln    Liaison
Ltr    Letter
MAAF    Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
MAT    Mental Alertness Test
MC  Medical Corps


MD    Medical Department
MDW    Military District of Washington
Med    Medical
MI    Military Intelligence
MID    Military Intelligence Division
Mil    Military
Min    Minutes
MIS    Military Intelligence Service
MOS    Military Occupational Specialty
MPB    Military Personnel Branch
MPD    Military Personnel Department
M/R    Memo for Record
Msg    Message
MT    Motor Transport
M/T    Manning Tables
MTD    Military Training Division
Mtg    Meeting
MTO    Mediterranean Theater of Operations
MTOUSA    Mediterranean Theater of Operations. U.S. Army
NAACP    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NATO    North African 'cheater of Operations
NATOUSA    North African Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
NCAC    National Civilian Advisory Council
NYPOE    New York Port of Embarkation
O    Office (in combinations)
1st O, 2d O, 3d O    First Officer. Second Officer, Third Officer
OC    Officer Candidate
OCMH    Office of the Chief of Military History
OCofOrd    Office, Chief of Ordnance
OCofS    Office, Chief of Staff
OCS    Officer Candidate School
OCSigO    Office, Chief Signal Officer
Off    Officer
OPD    Operations and Planning Division, War Department General Staff
Opn(s)    Operation (s)
OQMG    Office of The Quartermaster General
Ord    Ordnance
Orgn    Organization
OSS    Office of Strategic Services
OTI    Office of Technical Information


OWI    Office of War Information
OWM    Office of War Manpower
P&A    Personnel and Administration
Par    Paragraph
Pers    Personnel
PL    Public Law
Plng    Planning
PM    Provost marshal
PMG    Provost Marshal General
POE    Port of Embarkation
PRO    Public Relations Officer
Proj    Project
QM    Quartermaster
QMC    Quartermaster Corps
QMG    The Quartermaster General
Rctg    Recruiting
Rec    Record
Reg    Regulation
Rep    Representative
Repl    Replacement
Reqmt    Requirement
R&I    Recruiting and Induction
RPB    Recruiting Publicity Bureau
S    Senate (before bill numbers)
Sch    School
SEAC    Southeast Asia Command
Sec    Section
Serv    Service
SFPOE    San Francisco Port of Embarkation
SG    Surgeon General
SGO    Surgeon General's Office
SHAEF    Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SigC    Signal Corps
SigO    Signal Officer
SN    Secretary of the Navy
SO    Special Order
SOS    Services of Supply
Sp    Special
SPARS    Women's service in the U.S. Coast Guard
SPD    Special Planning Division


SPOBS    Special Observer Group (American Mission in Britain)
SS    Selective Service
SSN    Specification Serial Number
SSUSA    Special Staff, U.S. Army
Stat    Statistical
Stf    Staff
Sub    Subject
Surv    Survey
Svc    Service Command
SW    Secretary of War
SWPA    Southwest Pacific Area
Tab    Table
TAG    The Adjutant General
TC    Transportation Corps
T/E    Table of Equipment
Tech    Technical
Telg    Telegram
TIC    The Inspector General
Tng    Training
T/O    Table of Organization
Tp    Telephone
USAF    U.S. Air Forces
USAFBI    U.S. Army Forces in the British Isles
USAFFE    U.S. Army Forces in the Far East
USAFI    U.S. Armed Forces Institute
USAFIME    U.S. Army Forces in the Middle East
USAFPAC    U.S. Army Forces, Pacific
USAFWESPAC    U.S. Army Forces, West Pacific
USASOS    U.S. Army Services of Supply (Southwest Pacific)
USFCT    U.S. Forces, China Theater
USFET    U.S. Forces, European Theater Redesignation of ETOUSA after 1 Jul 45.
USMA U.S.    Military Academy
USN    U.S. Navy
USO    United Service Organizations
USSTAF    U.S. Strategic Air Forces (in Europe)
VA    Veterans' Administration
WAAC    Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
Waac    A member of the WAAC
WAAF    Women's Army Auxiliary Force (proposed name for WAAC)


WAAF    Women's Auxiliary Air Force (British)
WAC    Women's Army Corps
Wac    A member of the WAC
WAF    Women in the Air Force
WASP    Women Air Service Pilots
WAVES    Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (the women's service in the U.S. Navy)
Wave    A member of the WAVES
WCT    Women's Classification Test
WD    War Department
WDBPR    War Department Bureau of Public Relations
WDC    Western Defense Command
WDGS    War Department General Staff
WFTC    Western Flying Training Command
WIRES    Women in Radio and Electrical Service
WMC    War Manpower Commission
WO    Warrant Officer
WPD    War Plans Division, of the War Department General Staff
ZI    Zone of Interior


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