Glossary of Abbreviations

AAF    Army Air Forces
ABC    American-British Conversations (Jan-Mar 41)
ABD    American-British-Dutch. See also ADB.
ABDA    American-British-Dutch-Australian (planning)
AC    Air Corps
ACofS    Assistant Chief of Staff
ADB    American-Dutch-British meeting in Singapore. Also known as ABD.
A. E. F.    American Expeditionary Forces (1917-18)
AG    Adjutant General
ANMB    Army and Navy Munitions Board
AR    Army Regulations
ASF    Army Service Forces
ASN    Assistant Secretary of the Navy
ASW    Assistant Secretary of War
AUS    Army of the United States
AWC    Army War College
AWS    Aircraft Warning Service
B. A. D.    British Admiralty Delegation
B&LP    Branch Budget and Legislative Planning Branch, War Department
BofB    Bureau of the Budget
BOWD    Budget Office, War Department
CDC    Caribbean Defense Command
CG    Commanding General
CinC    Commander in Chief
CINCAF    Commander in Chief, Asiatic Fleet
CINCPAC    Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
CNO    Chief of Naval Operations
CO    Commanding Officer
CofAC    Chief of Air Corps
CofAS    Chief of Air Staff
CofEngrs    Chief of Engineers


CofOrd    Chief of Ordnance
CPA    Civilian Production Administration
CSO    Chief Signal Officer
CVE    Civilian Volunteer Effort
DCofS    Deputy Chief of Staff
FM    Field Manual
FR    Federal Register
FWA    Federal Works Agency
FY    Fiscal Year
G-1    Personnel Section of divisional or higher headquarters
G-2    Military Intelligence Section
G-3    Operations Section (so called in the A. E. F. In peacetime its activities were limited   to organization and training.)
G-4    Supply Section
G-5    Training Section (in General Pershing's A. E. F. headquarters. Not to be confused with World War II usage.)
GHQ    General Headquarters, U. S. Army
GO    General orders
GPO    Government Printing Office
HJR    House Joint Resolution
HR    House of Representatives
IB    Intelligence bulletin
Incl    Inclosure
IPF    Initial Protective Force
JAG    Judge Advocate General
JB    Joint Board (Army and Navy)
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff
JPC    Joint Planning Committee
Ism    Joint Staff Mission (British)
M    Day Mobilization Day
MID    Military Intelligence Division
MRU    Machine Records Unit
MTCA    Military Training Camps Association
NDA    National Defense Act
NGB    National Guard Bureau
OASW    Office of the Assistant Secretary of War
OCS    Office of the Chief of Staff


OEM    Office of Emergency Management
OPD    Operations Division, WDGS
OPM    Office of Production Management
OpNav    Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
ORC    Officers' Reserve Corps
OUSW    Office of the Under Secretary of War
PJB    Permanent Joint Board on Defense, Canada-United States
PMP    Protective Mobilization Plan
Pub    Public Law
QMG    Quartermaster General
RN    Royal Navy (British)
ROTC    Reserve Officers' Training Corps
S    Senate
SGS    Secretary of the General Staff
SJR    Senate Joint Resolution
SLC    Standing Liaison Committee (of State, War, and Navy Departments)
SN    Secretary of the Navy
SOP    Standing Operating Procedure
SOS    Services of Supply
SPENAVO    Special Naval Observer
SSUSA    Special Staff, U. S. Army
SW    Secretary of War
TAG    The Adjutant General
TIG    The Inspector General
T/O&E    Table of Organization and Equipment
USA    United States Army
USAFFE    U. S. Army Forces in the Far East
USMC    United States Marine Corps
USN    United States Navy
USNR    U. S. Naval Reserve
USSR    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USW    Under Secretary of War
WDGS    War Department General Staff
WPA    Works Progress Administration
WPB    War Production Board
WPD    War Plans Division, WDGS


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