Endnotes for Chapter I

1 See Chapter III for discussion of evolution of Office of the Chief of Staff.

2 See "Plant Surveys and Educational Orders in World War II," U. S. Army Industrial College, Department of Research, Jan 47.

3 The confusions and grace sacrifices resulting from faulty experiments in the replacement policy are presented at length elsewhere in this series. See Robert R. Palmer, Bell 1. Wiley, and William R. Keast, The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops, in UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Washington, 1948), pp. 165-239.

4 For full discussion of the changing troop basis see the volumes on Army Ground Forces in this series, specifically K. R. Greenfield, Robert R. Palmer, and Bell I. Wiley, The Organization of Ground Combat Troops (Washington, 1947).

5 For this and for serious errors in calculations of manpower needs, see Palmer et al., The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops.

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