Endnotes for Chapter XXIV

1 See Chapters xxii and XXIII.

1a Plans for the operation were well advanced when this directive was received and since these plans were based largely on SHAEF policies, no substantial changes were necessary. The responsibilities outlined in the remaining paragraphs of the directive were redelegated by SACMED to the Commanding General, Seventh U.S. Army, in a directive dated 5 July 1944, cited on this page.

2 The Regiment functioned as Civil Affairs Headquarters for the Army from 6 August until the responsibility for southern France was transferred to SHAEF on 1 November 1944. Parkman was transferred from G-5, AFHQ, to become the Commanding Officer of the Regiment and Chief Civil Affairs Officer of the Army. App E, ECAD Hist Rpt for December in SHAEF files, G-5, 17.12, Jkt 6.

3 A staff of nine officers and four enlisted men from the 2678th Civil Affairs Regiment was attached.

4 The Civil Affairs Plan, dated 13 June 1944, known as Annex 13 of the ANVIL Outline Plan, was based on policies and procedures established for OVERLORD. A copy may be found in CAD files, 014, France (3-8-43) (1), sec. 5. After Operation ANVIL became a certainty, G-5 of the Seventh Army revised the plan and issued it in two parts-Part I, Civil Affairs Circular I and Part II, Administrative Instructions 2. Only that portion of the latter which pertains to Civil Affairs Headquarters is included here. The remainder consists of detailed instructions for carrying out CA Circular No. 1.

5 The list of Specialist Branches contained in paragraph 19 of this circular is omitted. The branches provided for were, in effect, the same as those authorized by SHAEF for northwest Europe.

6 General Cochet, like General Koenig, insisted that the FCNL be recognized as the sole French authority in France but AFHQ made it clear that only the discussion of practical working arrangements was authorized. It was not until 25 August 1944 that the Americans and British simultaneously signed agreements with the French on the administration of civil affairs throughout Continental France. For details, see below in Setion 4. On the same day, revised directives were issued by SHAEF to SACMED, and to the Twenty-first and Twelfth Army Groups (see below, Section 4).

7 On 25 August 1944, the agreements were consummated on the governmental level by Great Britain and on a purely military level by the United States, General Eisenhower signing for the United States and General Koenig for the French. Msg 23824, 25 Aug, CAD files, 014, Fr, sec. 5.

8 The texts of these memorandums are printed in Hajo Holborn, American Military Government (Washington, 1947), PP. 144-53.

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