Glossary of Code Names
ANAKIM     Plan for recapture of Burma.
ARCADIA     U. S.-British conference in Washington, December 1941-January 1942.
BARRISTER     Plan for capture of Dakar (formerly BLACK and PICADOR).
BAZAAR     Plan for American air support of USSR In event of Japanese attack on Soviet Union. Also code name for U. S. survey project of air facilities in Siberia.
BIRCH     Christmas Island.
BLACK     Plan for seizure of Dakar (later PICADOR and BARRISTER).
BLEACHER     Tongatabu.
BOBCAT     Borabora.
BOLERO     Build-up of U. S. forces and supplies in United Kingdom for cross-Channel attack.
BRIMSTONE     Plan for capture of Sardinia.
FANTAN     Fiji Islands.
GRAY     Plan for capture and occupation of the Azores.
GYMNAST     Early plan for invasion of North Africa, referring to either the American idea of landing at Casablanca or the British plan for landing farther eastward on the Mediterranean coast. (See SUPER-GYMNAST.)
HALPRO     Halverson Project -bombing detachment for China- Burma-India theater.
HOLLY     Canton Island.
INDIGO     Plan for movement of troops to Iceland.
JUPITER     Plan for operations in northern Norway.
LIGHTFOOT     British offensive operations in Libyan Desert, launched front El Alamein in October 1942.
MAGNET     Movement of first U. S. forces to Northern Ireland.
MODICUM     Party sent to London to present Marshall Memorandum, April 1942.
NABOB     Northern Ireland.
ORANGE     Prewar plan of operations in event of war with Japan.
OVERLORD     Plan for invasion of northwest Europe in 1944.
PICADOR     Plan for Seizure of Dakar (formerly BLACK, later BARRISTER).
PLOUGH     Project for training U. S. and Canadian volunteers for snow operations in northern Norway.
RAINBOW     Various plans prepared between 1939 and 1941 to meet Axis aggression involving more than one enemy.
ROSES     Efate.
ROUNDUP     Plan for major U. S.-British attack across the Channel in 1943.
SLEDGEHAMMER     Plan for limited cross-Channel attack in 1942.
SPOONER     New Zealand.
SUMAC     Australia.
SUPER-GYMNAST     Plan for Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa, combining U. S. and British plans and often used interchangeably with GYMNAST.
SYMBOL     Casablanca Conference. 14-23 January 1943.
TORCH     Allied invasion of North and Northwest Africa, November 1942.
WHITE POPPY     Noumea, New Caledonia.
"X"     Australia.

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