Glossary of Abbreviations
AA     Antiaircraft
A&:S;     Army and Navy
AAC     Army Air Corps
AAF     Army Air Forces
ABC     American-British Conversations (Jan-Mar 41)
ABDA     (COM) Australian-British-Dutch-American (Command)
ACofS     Assistant Chief of Staff
Actg     Acting
ADB     American-Dutch-British
ADC     Alaska Defense Command
Add     Additional
Admin     Administration
Adv     Advance
AEF     Allied Expeditionary Force
AFHQ     Allied Force Headquarters
AG     Adjutant General
AGF     Army Ground Forces
AGO     Adjutant General's Office
Alt     Alternate
ALUSNA     U. S. naval attaché
Am     Ammunition
Amer     American
AMMISCA     American Military Mission to China
Amph     Amphibious (ian )
Arty     Artillery
ASF     Army Service Forces
Asgmt(s)     Assignment (s)
ASW     Assistant Secretary of War
ATC     Air Transport Command
Atchd     Attached
AVG     American Volunteer Group (in China)
AWPD     Air War Plans Division
Bomb     Bombardment
Br     British, branch
Br Jt Stf Miss     British Joint Staff Mission
Bsc     Basic
BuAer     Bureau of Aeronautics
CAAF     Chief Army Air Forces
CBI     China-Burma-India
CCS (COOS)     Combined Chiefs of Staff (British-American )
CDC     Caribbean Defense Command
CG     Commanding general

Chem     Chemical
Chm  Chairman
CIGS     Chief Imperial General Staff
CINC     Commander in Chief
CINCAF     Commander in Chief, U. S. Asiatic Fleet
CINCPAC     Commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet
CM-IN  Cable message, incoming
CM-OUT     Cable message, outgoing
CMTC   Combined Military Transport Committee
CNO     Chief of Naval Operations
CofAAC     Chief of Army Air Corps
CoAC     Chief of Air Corps
CofAS     Chief of Air Staff
CofS     Chief of Staff
Csofs     Chiefs of Staff
Collab     Collaboration     Committee
COMALSEC     Commander Alaskan Sector
Cornd (s)     Command (s )
Corndg     Commanding
Comdr     Commander
Corndt     Commandant
COMGENSOPAC     Commanding General, U. S. Army Forces in the South Pacific
Comm     Commission
COMINCH  Commander in Chief, U. S. Fleet
COMNAVEU   Commander U. S. Naval Forces, Europe
COMSOPAC     Commander, South Pacific
Conf (s)     Conference (s )
Contl     Control
Conv (s)     Conversation (s )
COS  Chief (s) of Staff (British)
CPE     Charleston Port of Embarkation
CPS     Combined Staff Planners
CSigO     Chief Signal Officer
CTF     Commander Task Force
CTO     China Theater of Operations
DCofS     Deputy Chief of Staff
Def (s)     Defense (s)
Dept     Department
Det     Detachment
D/F     Disposition Form
Dir     Director
Dist     District
DRB AGO     Departmental Records Branch, Adjutant General's Office
EDC     Eastern Defense Command
Emb     Embarkation
Engr     Engineer

Equip     Equipment
Est     Estimate
Estab     Establish (ment )
LTO     European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA     European Theater of Operations. U. S. Army
Exch     Exchange
G-1     Personnel section of divisional or higher staff
G-2     Intelligence section
G-3  Operations section
G-4     Supply section
GHQ     General Headquarters
Gp     Group
GS     General Staff
Gt Brit     Great Britain
Hist     History, historical
Hv     Heavy
IB     Intelligence Bulletin
Incl     Inclosed, inclosing, inclosure, including
Ind     Indorsed, indorsement
Indef     Indefinite
Info     Information
Instn(s)     Instruction(s)
Intel Intelligence
JB     Joint Board
JCS     Joint Chiefs of Staff
JIC     Joint Intelligence Committee
JPC     Joint (Army and Navy) Planning Committee
Jt Plng Com     Joint (American-British) Planning Committee
JPS     Joint Staff Planners
JSM   Joint Staff Mission (British)
Jt     joint
JSSC     Joint Strategic Survey Committee
JUSSC     Joint U. S. Strategic Committee
Ln     Liaison
MAB     Munitions Assignments Board
Mar     Maritime
MBW     Munitions Assignments Board in Washington
M Day     Mobilization Day
ME     Middle East
Mil     Military
Min     Minutes
MIS     Military Intelligence Service
Misc     Miscellaneous
Miss     Mission
Mtg     Meeting
Mun     Munitions
Mvmt     Movement

N Af   North Africa
Natl     National
Nav     Naval
NYPE     New York Port of Embarkation
Obsn (s)     Observation (s)
Obsr(s)     Observer (s)
OCAAC     Office of the Chief of the Army Air Corps
OCofS     Office of the Chief of Staff
OCT     Office of the Chief of Transportation
Off(s)     Office (s) , officer (s)
OPD     Operations Division
OpNav     Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
Opn(s)     Operation (s)
Orgn     Organization
OSW     Office of the Secretary of War
Pdn     Production
Pers     Personal, personnel
PGSC     Persian Gulf Service Command
Phil     Philippines
P. I.     Philippine Islands
PL     Public Law
Plng     Planning
POA     Pacific Ocean Area
POE     Port of Embarkation
PTO     Pacific Theater of Operations
RAF     Royal Air Force
RAAF     Royal Australian Air Force
Red     Record
Rccd     Received
Ref     Reference:
Regd Doc (s)     Registered Document (s)
Regt(s)     Regiment (s)
Rep (s)     Representative (s)
Repl(s)     Replacement (s)
Req     Required, requisition
Reqmt(s)     Requirement (s)
Rev     Revised, revision
R&R     Record and routing
SAS     Secretary of the Air Staff
Sched(s)     Schedule (s)
Sec (s)     Section (s)
Sccy     Secretary
Ser(s)     Serial (s)
Scrv     Service
SFPE     San Francisco Port of Embarkation
SGS     Secretary of the General Staff
Shipt(s)     Shipment (s)

Sit     Situation
SJB     Secretary of the joint Board
SN     Secretary of the Navy
SOS     Services of Supply
SPA     South Pacific Area
Sp     Special
S&P     Strategy and Policy
SPENAVO     Special Naval Observer, London
SPOBS     Special Army Observer Group in London
Stf     Staff
Sum(s)     Summary (ies)
SW     Secretary of War
SWPA     Southwest Pacific Area
T     Theater
TAG     The Adjutant General
TDUN     Tentative Deployment of United Nations, 1942
Tech     Technical
TEDA     Tentative Deployment of U. S. Forces, 1942
Tel     Telephone
Trig     Training
Transf     Transfer
Tr(s)     Troops)
U.K.     United Kingdom
U.N.     United Nations
USAFBI     United States Army Forces in the British Isles
USAFFE     United States Army Forces in the Far East
USAFIA     United States Army Forces in Australia
USAFICA     United States Army Forces in Central Africa
USAFIME     United States Army Forces in the :Middle East
USAFISPA     United States Army Forces in the South Pacific Area
USSBS     United States Strategic Bombing Survey
WDC     Western Defense Command
WDCMC     War Department Classified Message Center
WDCSA     Chief of Staff, U. S. Army
WDGS     War Department General Staff
WO     War Office (British)
WPB     War Production Board
WPD     War Plans Division
Yr     Year

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