Chapter 20


1 Unless otherwise noted, sources for the 4th Division action are as given in Chapter XVIII, above.

2 4th Div Opns Rpt, Nov 44.

3 MSS # A-891 (Gersdorff), # B-810 (Schmidt), and ETHINT-57 (Gersdorff). The 4th Division G-2 identified the 344th Division by its old name, the 91st Air Landing Division.

4 VII Corps Opns Memo 119, 22 Nov, VII Corps Opns Memos file, Nov 44.

5 4th Div Opns Rpt, NOV 44; MS # B-503, The 353d Division in the Rhineland (Gen Mahlmann) ; and contemporary German situation maps.

6 He was awarded the Medal of Honor.

7 Among those who dissented was Capt. Robert D. Moore, Company C, 8th Infantry. He said the replacements never had been taught the prime essentials that an infantryman must know, such as "the use of cover and concealment and the fire and movement principles," or else they were too frightened to use them. Combat Interv with Moore.

8 Combat Interv with Lt. Bernasco, Co A, 22d Inf.

9 Combat Interv with S Sgt Louis Pingatore, Co C, 22d Inf.

10 From The Story of Private Morris Sussman, in 4th Div Combat Interv file.

11 T/5 George Morgan, as quoted in Combat Interv with Capt Jennings Frye, 1st Bn, 22d Inf.

12 Combat Interv with Pingatore.

13 VII Corps Opns Memo 123, 30 Nov, VII Corps, Opns Memo file, Nov 44.

14 22d Inf AAR, Nov 44.

15 Much of the eventual success against Hill 401.3 could be attributed to courageous and resourceful action by the battalion commander, Lt. Col. William H. Burton, Jr. He subsequently received the DSC. For heroic action during the same attack, S. Sgts. Robert M. Henley and Brady O. Kelley also received the DSC.

16 The division took 1,757 prisoners. For detailed casualty figures, see 4th Div Opns Rpt. Nov 44.

17 Sylvan Diary, entry of 18 Nov 44.

18 VII Corps Opus Memo 118, 19 Nov, VII Corps Opns Memos file, Nov 44.

19 1st Division and 47th Infantry records for this period are detailed and are supported by adequate journal entries. Combat interviews exist for all units except the 18th Infantry.

20 This is reflected in 1st Div G-3 Jnl, 19-21 Nov 44.

21 CG to 18th Inf, 0830, 20 Nov, 1st Div G-3 Jnl, 19-21 Nov 44.

22 16th Inf to G-3, 1500, 20 Nov, 1st Div G-3 Jnl, 19-21 Nov 44.

23 German material is from 1st Div Intel Activities, Nov 44, 1st Div Combat Interv file.

24 CG to 18th Inf, 0843, 23 Nov, 1st Div G-3 Jnl, 22-24 Nov 44.

25 1st Div G-3 Opns Rpt, Nov 44.

26 When a round from a German gun set afire a tank destroyer supporting the 47th Infantry, a platoon leader, S. Sgt. Herschel F. Briles, 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion, lowered himself into the burning turret to rescue the wounded crewmen inside. The next day he repeated the feat when another destroyer burst into flames.
Sergeant Briles subsequently received the Medal of Honor.

27 Combat Interv with Allgood.

28 47th Inf to 1st Div G-3, 1448, 22 Nov, 1st Div G-3 Jnl, 19-21 Nov 44.

29 VII Corps Opns Memos 119 and 120, 22 and 24 Nov, VII Corps Opns Memos file, Nov 44.

30 In addition to records of the 47th Inf and 1st Div, the story of Task Force Richardson is based on official records of the 3d Armd Div and Combat Interv filed with 1st Div Intervs. The force shows on Map VII as TF R.

31 Combat Interv with Capt. Fred W. Hall, Jr., S-3, 2d Bn, 16th Inf. The 16th Infantry's official records for this period are notably poor. Details to be found in Combat Intervs should be checked against the 1st Div G-3 Opus Rpt. Nov 44.

32 Sheridan was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. A combat interview with Maness and McWaters describes his deed.

33 OB WEST KTB, 20 Nov 44; LXXXI Corps Gefechtsbericht, AAR of 21 Nov 44; Order, Gruppe von Manteuffel to LXXXI Corps, 0010, 22 Nov 44, LXXXI Corps KTB, Befehle, H. Gr. u. Armee.

34 OB WEST KTB, 22 and 24 Nov 44.

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39 TWX LXXXI Corps to 12th Div and 3d Prcht Div, 2115, 26 Nov 44, LXXXI Corps KTB, Befehle and Div.

40 Personnel and Equipment of 3d Prcht Div, Incl 6 to VII Corps G-2 Per Rpt 177, 29 Nov, FUSA G-2 Tac file, 30 Nov 44.

41 LXXXI Corps Gefechtsbericht, AAR for 28 Nov 44.

42 VII Corps Opns Memo 121, 26 Nov, VII Corps Opns Memos file, Nov 44.

43 As revealed by the experience of a 16th Infantry rifleman, Pvt. Robert T. Henry, Luchem was not taken without serious fighting. His platoon held up by a nest of five German machine guns, Private Henry voluntarily charged across 150 yards of open ground toward the position. Struck by a burst of fire when but halfway to the German emplacement, he staggered on until he fell mortally wounded only a few yards short of his goal. The intrepid rifleman was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

44 Combat Interv with Lt. Col. Wallace J. Nichols, CO, 745th Tank Bn, et al.

45 26th Inf Unit Jnl, 29 Nov 44.

46 Combat Interv with Capt James Libby, S-3, 2d Bn, 26th Inf, et al.

47 The 26th Infantry Unit journal for this period makes stark reading.

48 26th Inf Unit Jnl, 30 Nov 44.

49 Casualty figures are contained in annexes to 1st Division Combat Interviews. Losses for other regiments were as follows: 18th Infantry: 871. including 188 killed and 21 missing; 16th Infantry: 1,002 including 156 killed and 63 missing: Task Force Richardson (3d Armored Division): 101, including 14 killed and 6 missing.

50 Sylvan Diary, entry of 4 Dec 44.

51 See Intervs with Thorson, 12 Sep 56; Collins, 25 Jan 54, and Akers, 11 Jun 56.

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