Chapter 19


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3 See 8th Div FO 16, 20 Nov, 8th Div AAR, Nov 44. Unless otherwise noted, the story of this action is taken from official records of the 8th Division and CCR, 5th Armored Division, and from extensive combat interviews with officers and men of both units. Having entered combat with the First Army on 6 July 1944, the 8th (Pathfinder) Division subsequently had moved to Brest to fight under the Ninth Army until capture of Brest on 19 September. Since that time the division had been holding defensive positions with the VIII Corps in the Ardennes.

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8 The men of this company could attribute much of this success to a squad leader, S. Sgt. John W. Minick. Having picked his way through a mine field crisscrossed with barbed wire, Sergeant Minick personally dispatched a force of German defenders by killing twenty and capturing, as many more. Later he knocked out a machine gun. As he tried to find a path through a second mine field, he stepped on a mine and was killed. Sergeant Minick was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

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14 A vivid, moving account of the Huertgen Forest fighting may be found in Paul Boesch, Road to Huertgen: Forest in Hell (Houston: Gulf Pub Publishing Co., 1962). The author assumed command of Company G, 121st Infantry, at the height of the battle.

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16 Like the 12th Infantry's Colonel Luckett, Colonel Jeter retained his rank and was given command of a regiment in another division.

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18 The trials of the latter battalion are vividly depicted in Boesch, Road to Huertgen.

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23 CCR: approximately 210 casualties of all types; 121st Infantry: 63 killed, 899 others; 1st Battalion, 13th Infantry: approximately 75 of all types. The last figure is an estimate based on figures for the entire 13th Infantry.

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34 Ibid

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37 Air and ground headquarters had different code names for the same units. The ground force code came for the 8th Division, for example, was GRANITE.

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39 Ibid.

40 Ibid.

41 See CCR, 5th Armd Div, S-3 Jul. 6 Dec 44, and Combat Interv with Anderson. An earlier indication of this attitude may be found in CCR and 5th Armored Division journals for the Wallendorf fight. See Ch. III, above.

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43 Ibid. See also Charles V. P. von Luttichau, The Ardennes Offensive, Progressive Build-up and Operations, MS in OCMH; MSS # B-602, Generalleutnant Max Bork, Die 47. Volksgrenadierdivision (V.G.D.) im Westen; B-171, Generalmajor Eugen Koenig, Kaempfe im Rheinland. (This latter MS covers the battles of the 344th Volks Grenadier Division, formerly the 91st Air Landing Division. General Koenig later commanded the 272d Volks Grenadier Division.)

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47 Even as the Rangers prepared to move to Bergstein, their original commander, Lt. Col. James E. Rudder, was relieved to assume command of a regiment in the 28th Division. The story of the 2d Ranger Bn in this action is from the unit AAR, Dec 44, and from a Combat Interv with Williams.

48 Combat Interv with Lewis, Stutsman, and Goldman.

49 Combat Interv with Johnston.

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