Glossary of Abbreviations

ACLS    American Council of Learned Societies
ACofS    Assistant Chief of Staff
AMGOT    Allied Military Government (used only in Italy)
ASHCAN    Detention center for important German war crimes suspects
AT (E) Committee    Administration of Territories Committee (Europe)
Buergermeister    Mayor
CA    Civil affairs
CAD    Civil Affairs Division
CAO    Civil Affairs Officer
CATP    Civil Affairs Training Program
CCAC    Combined Civil Affairs Committee
CCAC (L)    Combined Civil Affairs Committee (London)
CCMS    Control Commission (Military Section)
CCS    Combined Chiefs of Staff
CDPX    Combined Displaced Persons Executive
CDU    Christian Democratic Union
CIC    Counterintelligence Corps
CMH    Center of Military History
COSSAC    Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (designate)
CROWCASS    Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects
CSU    Christian Social Union
DANA    Deutsche Allgemeine Nachrichten Agentur (German General News Agency)
DCCAO    Deputy Chief Civil Affairs Officer
DISCC    District Information Services Control Command
DP    Displaced person
DPX    Displaced Persons Executive
DUSTBIN    Detention and interrogation center for German scientific and technical personnel
EAC    European Advisory Commission
EGAD    European Civil Affairs Division
ECAR    European Civil Affairs Regiment
ECLIPSE    November 1944 posthostilities plan for Germany
Edelzveissbiraten    German adolescent gangs of the Nazi and occupation periods
ETO    European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA    European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
FEA    Foreign Economics Administration
FIAT    Field Information Agency Technical
Fragebogen    Questionnaire used by military government to determine Nazi and militarist associations of Germans


G-1    Personnel section of a divisional or high staff
G-2    Intelligence section
G-3    Operations section
G-4    Supply section
G-5    Civil affairs-military government section
Gauleiter    Regional leader of the Nazi party
Gemeinde    Municipality
Gestapo    Geheimestaatspolizei (secret political police)
GOLDCUP    SHAEF plan for assuming control of German governmental agencies
HUSKY    Allied Invasion of Sicily, July 1943
ICD    Information Control Division, USFET
IPCOG    Informal Policy Committee on Germany
JAG    Judge Advocate General
JCS    Joint Chiefs of Staff
Land    German state
Laenderrat    Council of Minister Presidents
Landkreis    Rural administrative area similar to US county
Landrat    Chief administrative officer of a Landkreis
Meldebogen    Questionnaire used under the Law for Liberation from Nazism and Militarism to determine Nazi and militarist associations of Germans
MFA&A    Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives
MG    Military government
MGO    Military Government Officer
MMLA    Mission Militaire de Liaison Administrative (French organization concerned mainly with DP care)
Oberbuergermeister    Chief mayor
OCTAGON    U.S.-British conference at Quebec, September 1944
OMG    Office of Military Government
OMGUS    Office of Military Government (US)
Ortsgruppenleiter    Local Nazi party group leader
OSS    Office of Strategic Services
OVERCAST    Program to move German scientific and technical specialists to the United States
OVERLORD    Invasion of northwest Europe, June 1944
OWI  Office of War Information
PMG    Provost Marshal General
RAMP    Recovered Allied military personnel (used to designate freed Allied prisoners of war)
RANKIN    Plans for return to the Continent in the event of a Gerlnan withdrawal or collapse
RANKIN C    Plan for return to the Continent in the event of a German collapse
Regierungsbezirk    District


Reichsbahn    The German railroads
ROUNDUP    Plan for a cross-Channel operation in 1943
SA    Sturmabtedung (paramilitary organization of the Nazi party)
SCAEF    Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAEF    Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SLOE    Special list of equipment
Spruchkammer    German denazification tribunals established under the Law for Liberation from Nazism and Militarism
SS    Schutzstaffel (the elite military and police organization of the Nazi party)
Stadtkreis    The area within the city limits of a city or town
SWNCC    State-War-Navy Co-ordinating Committee
TALISMAN    August 1944 posthostilities plan for Germany
TALLYHO    USFET check and search operation, July 1945
T/O    Table of organization
TORCH    Allied invasion of North Africa, November 194?
TRIDENT    U.S.-British conference in Washington, May 1943
UNRRA    United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration USFET US Forces in the European Theater USO United Services Organizations
Volkssturm    German militia composed of men too young, too old, or physically unfit for regular military service
WAC    Women's Army Corps
Wac    A member of the Women's Army Corps
Wehrmacht    German Armed Forces
Werwolf    Nazi-sponsored German guerrilla and resistance movement
WSC    Working Security Committee



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