1 Radio Address by Prime Minister Yoshida, 2 Sep 49.

2 GHQ FEC PIO, Press Release, 2 Sep 49.

3 In his support of appropriations for the fiscal years of 1949, 1950, and 1951 for economic aid to the Japanese, Mr. Joseph M. Dodge, well-known Detroit banker and former financial advisor to the American Military Government in Germany who had visited Japan to survey economic conditions and foreign trade procedures at the request of General MacArthur, testified before the National Advisory Council Staff Committee about the importance of such aid and how effectively it was being utilized in Japan

" The actual and projected appropriations for the fiscal years 1949, 1950 and 1951 for economic aid for Tri-Zone Germany are approximately twice that for Japan. On a population basis for Germany of something more than half that of Japan, the appropriations for Germany are over three times the amount for Japan per captia. The proposed FY 51 appropriation for Tri-Zone Germany is more than twice that of the amount of economic aid requested for Japan.

" We should note the substantial progress that has been made in Japan on relatively modest appropriations. Effective financial stabilization substantially has been achieved. There has been an increasing transfer of responsibility from the Occupation to the Japanese Goverment and to the Japanese people. There has been a substantial increase in exports and industrial recovery has proceeded at a heartening pace and is now at almost the level of the 1932-1936 period. For the first time (in 1949) there is a reduction in the foreign trade deficit.

" In no other nation has so much been accomplished with so little.

" The FY 51 appropriation request for Japan has been reduced substantially. On a basis of $ 320 million for Japan and the Ryukyus, the reduction for FY 51 from FY 50 is 33.6%. In economic aid requested for Japan there is a reduction of 35%. This compares with a proposed reduction for FY 51 in the ECA total of 21.4% and for Tri- Zone Germany of 21.7%." (Statement by Mr. Joseph M. Dodge before National Advisory Council Staff Committee on 12 January 1950, p. 2.)

4 GHQ FEC PIO, Press Release, 2 May 49.

5 In keeping with the changing aspect of the Occupation, designation of "Military Government Section" was changed to "Civil Affairs Section" and its prefectural units deactivated. (GHQ SCAP & FEC Staff Memo No. 26, 21 Jun 49. AG 323.3, 20 Jun 49).

6 GHQ FEC PIO, Press Release, 28 Jul 49.

7 GHQ FEC PIO, Press Release, 15 Aug 49.


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