Glossary of Code Names

ARCADIA   U.S.-British conference held in Washington, December 1941 January 1942.
BLUE   Code name for United States in prewar planning.
U.S. Air bases in Greenland.
CRIMSON   Air routes through central and northeastern Canada, part of the air ferry route to the British Isles.
CRYSTAL   Three meteorological stations in northern Canada.
FELIX   German plan for capture of Gibraltar.
GRAY   Plan for capture and occupation of the Azores.
GYMNAST   Early Allied plan for invasion of northwest Africa.
INDIGO   Plan for movement of troops to Iceland.
LILAC   Late 1941 plan to concentrate U.S. forces in Belém-Natal-Recife area of Brazil-
ORANGE   Prewar plan for operations in event of war with Japan.
POT OF GOLD   1940 plan to send large expeditionary force to Brazil.
RAINBOW   Various plans prepared between 1939 and 1941 to meet Axis aggression involving more than one enemy.
Planned German invasion of United Kingdom. Canceled.
VELLUM    Force sent to Venezuela, February 1942.



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