Glossary of Abbreviations

A-2    Intelligence section of an air staff
AA    Antiaircraft
AAF    Army Air Forces
ABDA    Australian-British-Dutch-American
AC    Air Corps
ACofS    Assistant Chief of Staff
Actg    Acting
AF    Air Force
AFCC    Air Force Combat Command
AG    Adjutant General
Amer    American
A&N    Army and Navy
A&NMB    Army and Navy Munitions Board
ASF    Army Service Forces
ASW    Assistant Secretary of War
ATC    Air Transport Command
Atchd    Attached
AWC    Army War College
AWS    Aircraft Warning Service
Bd    Board
Br    Branch
Braz    Brazil
Bur    Bureau
CA    Coast Artillery
CAA    Civil Aeronautics Authority
CAB    Civil Aeronautics Board
CDC    Caribbean Defense Command
CE    Corps of Engineers
CG    Commanding General
CinC    Commander in Chief
CINCUS    Commander in Chief, United States Fleet
CNO    Chief of Naval Operations
CofOrd    Chief of Ordnance
CofS    Chief of Staff
Corn    Committee
Comd    Command
Comm    Commission
Conf    Conference
Cong.    Congress
Conv    Conversation
COS    Chiefs of Staff (British)


DCofS    Deputy Chief of Staff
Def    Defense
Dept    Department
Dir    Director
Engrs    Engineers
EO    Executive order
ETHINT    European Theater Historical Interrogations
Exec    Executive
FDRL    Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
FF    Field Forces
G-1    Personnel section of a divisional or higher staff
G-2    Military intelligence section of a divisional or higher staff
G-3    Operations and training section of a divisional or higher staff
G-4    Supply and evacuation section of a divisional or higher staff
GHQ    General Headquarters
H. Doc.    House Document
Hist    Historical
Int    International
Interv    Interview
JAB    Joint Advisory Board on American Republics
JAC    Joint Aircraft Committee
JAG    Judge Advocate General
JB    Joint Board
JMUSDC    Joint Mexican-United States Defense Commission
JP&P    Joint Plans and Projects
JPC    Joint Planning Committee
Jt    Joint
Lat    Latin
Ln    Liaison
MA    Military attaché
M. B. R.    Matthew B. Ridgway
MDC    Mexican Defense Commission
Mil    Military
Min    Minutes
MIS    Military Intelligence Service
Msg    Message
Mtg    Meeting
NEB    Northeastern Brazil
OCS    Office Chief of Staff
ODCS    Office, Deputy Chief of Staff
Off    Officer
ONI    Office of Naval Intelligence


OPD    Operations Division
OSW    Office, Secretary of War
PAA    Pan American Airways
PCD    Panama Canal Department
Pers    Personal
PJBD    Permanent Joint Board on Defense
Rad    Radiogram
RCAF    Royal Canadian Air Force
Rcn    Reconnaissance
RCN    Royal Canadian Navy
Reg    Regulation
Reps    Representatives
Sec    Section
Secy    Secretary
Sets    Serials
Sess.    Session
SGS    Secretary of the General Staff
SLC    Standing Liaison Committee
SN    Secretary of the Navy
SOS    Services of Supply
SSUSA    Special Staff, U.S. Army
SW    Secretary of War
TAG    The Adjutant General
Tel    Telephone
Telg    Telegram
USAF    United States Army Forces
USAFSA    United States Army Forces South Atlantic
WD    War Department
WDC    Western Defense Command
WDCMC    War Department Classified Message Center
WPD    War Plans Division



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