163d Infantry Brigade
325th Infantry
326th Infantry
320th Machine Gun Battalion
164th Infantry Brigade
327th Infantry
328th Infantry
321st Machine Gun Battalion
157th Field Artillery Brigade
319th Field Artillery (155)
320th Field Artillery (75)
321st Field Artillery (75)
307th Trench Mortar Battery
Divisional Troops
319th Machine Gun Battalion
307th Engineers
307th Field Signal Battalion
Headquarters Troop
307th Train Headquarters and Military Police
307th Ammunition Train
307th Supply Train
307th Engineer Train
307th Sanitary Train (Ambulance Companies and Field Hospitals 325-328)


2d FA Brig and 2d Am Tn (2d Div) Marbache Sector, Aug 19-22, 1918
50th Aero Sq
42d Bln Co
St-Mihiel Operation, at times between Sept 12 and 15, 1918
50th Aero Sq
42d Bln Co
Marbache Sector, Sept 17-18, 1918
12th Aero Sq
1st Bln Co
Fr 219th FA-Portée
five tanks (1st Tank Brig)
Fr 247th Arty
Meuse-Argonne Operation, at times between Oct 6 and Nov 2, 1918
53d FA Brig and 103d Am Tn (28th Div)
103d Engrs and Tn (28th Div)
Meuse-Argonne Operation, Oct 9-10, 1918
Fr 238th FA (75) Meuse-Argonne Operation, Oct 13-31, 1918

157th FA Brig and 307th Am Tn at La Courtine, June 4-Aug 21, 1918; with 80th Div, Nov 1-6; in Les Islettes Area, Nov 10-17; in Ste-Mehehould Area Nov 18-Dec 16, 1918
one bn 328th Inf with 90th Div during St-Mihiel Operation, Sept 12-15, 1918
307th Engrs and Tn with First Army and I Corps, Sept 22-Oct 6, 1918; with Advance Section, SOS, Feb 26-Apr 12,1919
327th Inf with 28th Div in Meuse-Argonne Operation, Sept 29-Oct 3,1918
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