Aug 5, the War Department establishes the 82d Div, National Army, which is to be organized at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga; drafts, anticipated for 1917, from Ala, 5,596, Ga, 18,337, and Tenn, 14,528, are designed to furnish personnel. Aug 13, the organization of DHQ is directed, and its commissioned personnel is ordered to report on or before Aug 15. Aug 16, the Commanding General of Camp Gordon is directed to organize the Div in accordance with the Tables of Organization of Aug 8, 1917. Aug 25, Maj Gen Eben Swift assumes command; the program for the movement of selective service men to camps is announced. During the first week in Sept the organization, to include skeleton units, begins from a cadre of officers and men of the Regular Army, and from ORC and NA officers of the First Officers Training Camp at Fort McPherson. Sept 5-10, the initial draft of 1,900 selective service men arrives at camp. Sept 19-24, an additional 12,400 arrive. During Sept systematic training begins. Oct 3-8, the last drafts of 1917 furnish the camp with 4,300. During Oct nearly all NA men from Ala, Ga, and Tenn are transferred, the majority to the 30th, 31st, and 81st Divs. Replacements, largely from the New England and Middle Atlantic States, join from Camps Devens, Dix, Lee, Meade, and Upton. Nov 30, the Div is virtually complete and systematic training is resumed. In Mar the winter losses are replaced by fresh drafts which come from Camps Devens, Dodge, Gordon, Travis, Upton and the depot brigade, aggregating 5,000, and by a contingent from Ala, Ga, and Tenn, and the Div is again complete.


Apr 10, Div moves via Camps Mills and Upton to the ports of embarkation of Boston, Brooklyn, and New York, en route to Liverpool. Apr 16, Adv Det sails from New York, and arrives on Apr 28. Apr 25-May 7, DHQ, all the infantry units, and Tn Hq & MP sail, and arrive May 7-25. May 19, 157th FA Brig, 307th Am Tn, 307th Engrs and Tn, 307th F Sig Bn and 307th Sn Tn sail, and arrive May 31. The last unit, 307th Sup Tn, sails on June 28 and lands July 10. The troops, after a brief stay in rest camps, embark at Southampton for Le Havre.


May 10-June 15, Training with the British in Picardy. May 10, Div (less Arty, Engrs, 307th F Sig Bn, and trains) moves to the St-Valery-sur-Somme Training Area. [May 13-June 18, Div is under the administrative control of the II Corps.] May 15-June 14, Div (less detached units) trains with the Br 66th Div. [June 3, 157th FA Brig and 307th Am Tn begin to arrive at Le Havre, and, on June 4, proceed to La Courtine for training.] June 3-4, 307th Engrs and Tn and 307th F Sig Bn arrive at Le Havre.

June 16-July 17, Training with the French in Lorraine. June 15, Div (less detached units) moves to stations in and about Toul in the area of the Fr Eighth Army. [June 18-21, Div is under the administrative control of the I Corps, and, June 21-Aug 22, under that of the IV Corps.] June 23-25, all detached units, except the artillery, 319th MG Bn, and 307th Sup Tn, rejoin. June 24, Div (less detached units) moves to the Woëvre front, where it is affiliated with the Fr 154th Div in the Lagney Sector.

June 25-July 17, Div (less Arty, 319th MG Bn, and 307th Sup Tn) participates in the occupation of the Lagney Sector (Lorraine). June 25, the leading battalions enter the line, which extends from the Forêt du Bois-le-Prêtre (incl), through Regniéville (incl), points 1 km north of Limey, 1 km north of Flirey, and 1 km north of Seicheprey, Marvoisin, la Tassenière on the Etang de Vargévaux 1 km west of Bouconville; the organization of the position and local actions follow. June 28, the command of the sector passes from the 26th Div to the Fr 154th Div; Fr 65th Div (Fr Eighth Army) on right, Fr 34th Div (Fr Second Army) on left. July 12, Div assumes temporary command of the sector. July 17, Div (less Arty) relieves the last elements, except the artillery, of the Fr 154th Div; 319th MG Bn and 307th Sup Tn rejoin.

July 18-Aug 10, Div (less Arty) occupies the Lucey Sector (Lorraine). July 18, the sector is reduced by moving the right boundary to western outskirts of Remenauville and, as thus occupied, is called the Lucey Sector; the Div assumes permanent command of this sector; Fr 64th Div (Fr XXXII Corps) is on the right, Fr 34th Div (Fr II Cl Corps) is on the left. Aug 4, Fr 2d Moroccan Div is on the right. Aug 7, 1st Div is on the right. Aug 10, Div is relieved by the 89th Div and moves to the vicinity of Toul, and again, on Aug 12, toward the Marbache Sector. Night Aug 15/16, Div begins the relief of the 2d Div in the Marbache Sector which extends from 1 km southeast of Port-sur-Seille, through Morville-sur-Seille, Lesménils, Pont-à-Mousson, to the Forêt du Bois-le-Prêtre. [Aug 18, Div is ordered to join the First Army.]

Aug 19-Sept 11, Div occupies the Marbache Sector (Lorraine). Aug 19, Div assumes command of the sector; the 157th FA Brig and 307th Am Tn move to this sector; Fr 32d Div (Fr Eighth Army) on right, 1st Div on left. Aug 20, Fr 125th Div is on the right. Aug 22, 157th FA Brig assumes command of the sector artillery. Aug 24, 90th Div is on the left. Sept 12, this sector occupation merges into the St-Mihiel Operation.

Sept 12-16, Div participates in the St-Mihiel Operation. The 82d Div executes a holding mission in order to prevent hostile flanking action against the right of the First Army. Sept 13, 163d Inf Brig and 327th Inf raid and patrol to the northeast of Port-sur-Seille, toward Eply, in the Bois de Cheminot, Bois de la Voivrotte, Bois do la Tête-d'Or, and Bois Fréhaut; 328th Inf, in connection with the attack of the 90th Div against the Bois-le-Prêtre, advances on the west of the Moselle River, and, in contact with the right of the 360th Inf (90th Div), enters Norroy, and reaches the heights just north of that town where it consolidates its position. Sept 15, 328th Inf, in order to provide flank protection for the 90th Div, resumes the advance, reaches Vandières and the hill 400 m northwest thereof, but withdraws on the following day to the high ground 1¼ km north of Norroy.

Sept 17-20, Div again occupies the Marbache Sector (Lorraine). Sept 17, the St-Mihiel Operation stabilizes. Sept 18, the sector is reduced when the 90th Div relieves the troops west of the Moselle River. Sept 20, Div is relieved by the Fr 69th Div, moves to the vicinity of Marbache and Belleville, and, thence on Sept 24, to stations near Triaucourt and Rarécourt in the area of the First Army. Sept 26-Oct 2, Div is in army reserve. [Sept 29-Oct 3, 327th Inf is detached for duty with the I Corps and passes to the 28th Div. During Sept 30 and the night of Sept 30/Oct 1, this regiment is in line between the 28th and 35th Divs near Baulny. Subsequently it returns to bivouac near Varennes-en-Argonne.] Oct 3, Div assembles near Varennes-en-Argonne prior to entering the line.

Oct 6-Oct 31, Div participates in the Meuse-Argonne Operation. Night Oct 6/7, 164th Inf Brig relieves troops of the 28th Div which are holding the front line from 11 km south of Fléville to La Forge, along the eastern bank of the Aire River; the 163d Inf Brig remains in corps reserve. Oct 7, Div (less 163d Inf Brig) attacks the northeastern edge of the Argonne Forest, makes some progress toward Cornay, and occupies Hill 180 and Hill 223; 1st Div (V Corps) on right, 28th Div on left. Oct 8, the Div (less 163d Inf Brig) resumes the attack; the right enters Cornay, but later withdraws to the east and south of that town, the left reaches the southeastern slope of the high ground 2 km northwest of Châtel-Chéhéry. Night Oct 8/9, 163d Inf Brig is released from corps reserve; the 326th Inf relieves troops of the 28th Div on its left from 2 km west of Hill 223, through Drachen, to a point 2¼ km west of le Ménil Fme; 77th Div is on the left. Oct 9, Div resumes the attack, and advances its left to a line from ½ km south of Pylône to the Rau de la Louvière. Oct 10-31, Div turns to the north and advances astride the Aire River to the region east of St-Juvin. Oct 10, Div relieves troops of the 1st Div on the right, north of Fléville, as far as a new boundary extending north and south through Sommerance, attacks, captures Cornay and Marcq, and establishes the front, ½ km south of Sommerance, Martincourt Fme, Marcq (incl). Oct 11, the right of the Div occupies Sommerance and the high ground 1 km north of la Rance Rau, the left advances to the railroad south of the Aire River. Oct 12, 42d Div (V Corps), on the right, relieves the troops in and near Sommerance. Oct 14-15, Div attacks, passes through part of the Hindenburg defensive position, and reaches a line just north of, and parallel to, the road from St-Georges to St-Juvin. Oct 16, 78th Div is on the left. Oct 18, Div relieves elements of the 78th Div as far to the left as a north and south line slightly west of Marcq and Champigneulle. Oct 21, Div advances to the Ravin aux Pierres by means of local operations. Oct 22-30, Div consolidates its position. Oct 31, Div, except the artillery, is relieved by the 77th and 80th Divs, and assembles in the Argonne Forest near Champ-Mahaut; the artillery supports the 80th Div along the right half of the former front until Nov 6. Nov 2, Div (less Arty) concentrates near La Chalade and Les Islettes, and, on Nov 4, moves to the 5th (Vaucouleurs) Training Area. Nov 10, Div (less Arty) moves to the 3d (Bourmont) Training Area; the artillery concentrates near Les Islettes.


Nov 16, Div (less Arty) moves to the 10th (Prauthoy) Training Area. [Nov 18, 157th FA Brigand 307th Am Tn move to the vicinity of Ste-Menehould] Nov 21-Feb 25, training predominates. Dec 17, 157th FA Brig and 307th Am Tn rejoin. Feb 9, 307th TM Btry sails from Brest for the United States. Feb 26, Div moves to the Bordeaux Area and trains.


April 22, the advance echelon of DHQ and the 307th Tn Hq sail. During May the balance of DHQ and the majority of the other troops follow. June 6, the last element, a detachment of the 326th Inf, arrives at New York. The demobilization includes: at Camp Upton, May 23, Hq 157th FA Brig, May 27, DHQ; at Camp Mills, May 25, Hq 164th Inf Brig, May 26, Hq 163d Inf Brig.

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