May 24, War Department directs organization of the First Expeditionary Division (later designated 1st Division), Regular Army. The majority of the troops selected axe in service near the Mexican border at Brownsville, Douglas, El Paso, San Benito, and Fts Bliss, Ringgold, and Sam Houston; others are at Washington Barracks and Ft Oglethorpe; new organizations join at the ports of embarkation. June 3, the first contingent, consisting of the 16th, 18th, 26th, and 28th Regts of Inf, F Hosp 6 (later designated 13), Amb Co 6 (later designated 13), and Co C 2d F Sig Bn, after being increased to authorized strength by transfers and voluntary enlistments, moves to Hoboken. June 7, 2d Inf Brig, which includes the 26th and 28th Regts of Inf, is formed in New York City. June 8, Brig Gen William L. Sibert assumes command of the Div. June 9, 1st Inf Brig, which includes the 16th and 18th Regts of Inf, is formed in New Yoik City. June 14, DHQ, Hq 1st Inf Brig, Hq 2d Inf Brig, and the first contingent sail from New York and Hoboken, and arrive June 26 at St-Nazaire. July 22, the second contingent, consisting of the 5th, 6th, and 7th Regts of FA, and Cos A and B 2d F Sig Bn begins the journey from Texas and Arizona to Hoboken, sails July 31 from Hoboken, and arrives Aug 13 at St-Nazaire. Aug 6, 1st Engrs and Tn move from Washington Barracks to Hoboken, sail Aug 7, and arrive Aug 20 at St-Nazaire. Aug 7, the Motor Bn of the Am Tn and 1st TM Btry sail from Hoboken and arrive Aug 21 at St-Nazaire. Aug 13, the Horse Bn of the Am Tn, F Hosps 2 and 12 and Amb Cos 2 and 12 of the 1st Sn Tn, and the 1st and 2d MP Cos sail from Hoboken, land Sept 1 and 3 at Liverpool, and after a short stay in rest camps move to Le Havre. Dec 1, F Hosp 3 leaves Ft Bliss, and Amb Co 3 Ft Oglethorpe, for Hoboken, sail Dec 5, and arrive Dec 22 at St-Nazaire, completing the overseas movement of the Div.


July 5, the first contingent moves to 1st (Gondrecourt) Training Area, where the Div (less Arty) is ordered to assemble. At this time the First Expeditionary Division is redesignated the 1st Division, AEF. July 14, Div trains with the Fr 47th Div (Chasseurs). [Aug 6, Hq FA Brig moves to Le Valdahon preparatory to the organization and assembly of the brigade at that camp. Aug 16, 1st FA Brig is organized at Le Valdahon and includes the 5th, 6th and 7th Regts of FA which arrive Aug 21-24 from St-Nazaire. Aug 30, the concentration is completed and systematic training is begun.] Aug 21, Cos A and B 2d F Sig Bn arrive in Gondrecourt Area where they are joined by the Motor Bn Am Tn and 1st Engrs and Tn on Aug 30 and Sept 4, respectively. Sept 6, Horse Bn Am Tn, F Hosps 2 and 12, Amb Cos 2 and 12, and the 1st and 2d MP Cos arrive. Sept 10, Div trains with Fr 18th Div which replaces the Fr 47th Div (Chasseurs). During the winter the infantry units furnish the personnel for the 1st, 2d, and 3d MG Bns which are formed in the Gondrecourt Area. Feb 17, the 1st Sup Tn is organized in this area.


Oct 19, the artillery moves from Le Valdahon to the area of the Fr IX Corps (Fr Eighth Army) north of Lunéville, and Oct 20 infantry battalions from Gondrecourt follow.

Oct 21-Nov 20, Div participates in occupation of Sommerviller Sector (Lorraine). Oct 21, elements enter the sector of Fr 18th Div (Fr IX Corps), with whom they are affiliated for training, along the front 1¼ km southwest of Parroy, south shore of Etang de Parroy, Bures (incl), Arracourt (incl), Fme de Ranzey 2 km south of Bezange-la-Grande. The infantry enters the line by battalion; the artillery also trains by battalion, one from each regiment, with the French sector artillery; units, after completing duty in the sector, train in the Gondrecourt Area. Nov 20, troops withdraw from the line and continue training at Gondrecourt. Jan 15, Div (less 2d Inf Brig and two battalions of artillery which remain in the Gondrecourt Area) moves to the area of the Fr XXX Corps (Fr First Army) northwest of Toul.

Jan 18-Feb 5, 1918, 1St Inf Brig, with 5 battalions of FA attached, participates in occupation of Ansauville Sector (Lorraine). Night Jan 18/19, elements of 1st Inf Brig begin the relief of Fr 1st Moroccan Div on the front of the Ansauville sector (western part of the Royaumeix Corps sector) which extends along east edge of Bois de Remières, north edge of Bois Carré, 1 km north of Seicheprey, ½ km south of Richecourt, Marvoisin (incl), east shore of Etang de la Grande-Croix, south shore of Etang de Vargévaux (1¼ km northeast of Bouconville), and includes the Beaumont and Rambucourt zones. [Jan 20-July 14, Div is under the administrative control of the I Corps.] Jan 21, command passes to Fr 69th Div which retains control although no French units are in line; local actions.

Feb 5-Apr 3, Div occupies Ansauville Sector (Lorraine). Feb 5, Div assumes command of sector; Fr 69th Div (Fr XXXII Corps) on right, Fr 10th Colonial Div (Fr II Colonial Corps) on left. Feb 28, 2d Inf Brig moves from Gondrecourt and begins the relief of 1st Inf Brig which returns to the Gondrecourt Area; Mar 9, command passes. Mar 26, Ansauville sector is designated de la Reine Sector. Mar 29-30, Div takes over subsector Broussey. Apr 3, 26th Div relieves Div, and the 2d Inf Brig and divisional units return to the Gondrecourt area. Apr 5, Div moves to area of Fr Fifth Army near Gisors, northwest of Paris, where it resumes training. Apr 17, Div moves north by stages to the area of the Fr VI Corps (Fr First Army), and takes station near Froissy. Night Apr 24/25, Div inserts the 1st Inf Brig between the Fr 162d and Fr 45th Divs in the Cantigny Sector, 5 km west of Montdidier, the French divisions moving to the northwest and east, respectively.

Apr 27-June 8, Div occupies Cantigny Sector (Picardy). The zones of Broyes, Tournelle, and Coullemelle comprise the sector which extends from Bois Céléstin (excl), 1 km west of Fontaine-sous-Montdidier, along the northern edge of Bois de Cantigny, Cantigny (excl), to 1 km south of St-Aignan; Fr 162d Div on right, Fr 45th Div (Fr IX Corps) on left. Apr 27, Div assumes command of the sector. Apr 30, Fr 152d Div (Fr IX Corps) on left. May 5, Div passes to Fr X Corps when this corps relieves Fr VI Corps. May 7, Fr 60th Div (Fr X Corps) on right. May 16, 2d Inf Brig relieves 1st Inf Brig. May 22-24, 28th Inf withdraws, receives special training, and May 26-28 relieves elements of its own and the Fr. 152d Div on a 2¼ km front west of Cantigny. May 28, 28th Inf captures Cantigny and the heights; the gains are consolidated. May 31-June 8, Div reorganizes sector and places the brigades abreast, 1st Inf Brig on left. June 1-3, 1st Inf Brig relieves elements of Fr 152d Div on the left and occupies the Esclainvillers Zone, the front of which extends northward through St-Aignan and Grivesnes (both incl) to a point ½ km east of Bois Poignard; Fr 3d Div (Fr IX Corps) on left; local actions. June 9, Cantigny Sector occupation merges into the Montdidier-Noyon Defensive.

June 9-13, Div participates in Montdidier-Noyon Defensive. June 9, enemy attacks on the front of Fr First and Fr Third Armies between Montdidier and Noyon. June 9-13, Div, holding the Cantigny Sector, is alerted during the artillery bombardment. June 14, Montdidier-Noyon Defensive stabilizes and the Div resumes routine duties.

June 14-July 8, Div occupies Cantigny Sector (Picardy). Night July 5/6, Fr 152d and Fr 166th Divs begin the relief of 1st Div; July 8, command passes; Div (less 2d Inf Brig and 7th FA) moves to the area between Beauvais and Breteuil subject to the orders of the Fr GAR; 2d Inf Brig and 7th FA move to the northern part of the area between Froissy and Breteuil in the reserve of Fr X Corps. July 11, Div is at the disposal of Fr Tenth Army, and the following day moves to the Dammartin-en-Goële Area. [July 14-22, Div is under the administrative control of the III Corps.] Night July 15/16, Div, under Fr XX Corps, moves into the Compiègne Forest preparatory to relieving the 1st Moroccan Div southwest of Soissons. Night July 17/18, Div relieves Fr 1st Moroccan Div on a 2 km front from 1¼km northeast of St-Pierre-Aigle to ½ km east and 1¼ km northeast of Cutry, command passing July 18.

July 18-22, Div participates in Aisne-Marne Operation. July 18, Div attacks east, captures Missy-aux-Bois and establishes a line ½ km northeast of Chaudun, ½ km east of Missy-aux-Bois, ¼ km northeast of Montplaisir Fine; Fr 1st Moroccan Div on right, Fr 153d Div (Fr I Corps) on left. July 19, Div attacks and occupies Ploissy. July 20-21, Div extends zone to the north to include Berzy-le-Sec, which is captured by the 2d Inf Brig, and established a front from the northwestern outskirts of Buzancy to the northern outskirts of Berzy-le-Sec; Fr 87th Div on right, elements of Fr 69th Div on left. July 23, Scottish 15th and Fr 69th Diva relieve 1st Div (less Arty and Sn Tn, which remain in the sector until July 24) and the latter assembles in Forêt de Villers-Cotterêts and then returns to the Dammartin-en-Goële Area. July 28, Div moves to the area of the Fr Eighth Army near Toul preparatory to the relief of the 2d Moroccan Div. [July 30-Aug 22, Div is under the administrative control of the IV Corps.] Night Aug 4/5, Div, under Fr XXXI Corps, begins relief of Fr 2d Moroccan Div in the Saizerais, sector northwest of Pont-à-Mousson.

Aug 7-24, Div occupies Saizerais Sector (Lorraine). Div occupies the line from Haut de Rieupt 2 km northwest of Pont-à-Mousson, through Forêt du Bois-le-Prêtre, Fey-en-Haye (incl), Régniéville-en-Haye (ind), to ¼ km south of Remenauville, with brigades abreast, 2d Inf Brig on right; Fr 64th Div on right, 82d Div on left; local actions, consolidation of position, and reconstitution during the occupation. Aug 9, 2d Div on right. Aug 11, 89th Div on left. [Aug 18, Div is ordered to join the First Army.] Aug 19, 82d Div on right. Aug 24, 90th Div relieves Div (less Arty, which remains in the sector, now called Villers-en-Haye, until Aug 28) and the latter assembles in the 5th (Vaucouleurs) Training Area for special instruction. [Aug 24-26, Div is under administrative control of IV Corps.] [Aug 28, 1st FA Brig and 1st Am Tn, relieved from duty with 90th Div, move to Forêt de la Reine near the south face of the St-Mihiel salient.] Sept 1, Div (less Arty) moves via Pagny-sur-Meuse to the area of IV Corps on south side of St-Mihiel salient, and assembles in and near the Forêt de la Reine, in the rear of the Ansauville Sector. Sept 6, Div begins the relief of elements of 89th Div in the main line of resistance in the west part of the Lucey Sector; command passes Sept 8.

Sept 8-11, Div occupies that part of Lucey Sector between Seicheprey and Marvoisin, known as the Ansauville Sector (Lorraine). Elements of 89th Div, under command of 1st Div, hold the outpost line north of and parallel to the Beaumont-Rambucourt road. The main line of resistance is in northern part of the Forêt de la Reine. Sept 12, sector occupation merges into the St-Mihiel Operation.

Sept 12-16, Div participates in St-Mihiel Operation. Sept 12, Div, brigades abreast, 2d Inf Brig on right, on the left of the IV Corps, attacks north on a 2½ km front from 1 km north of Seicheprey to ¼ km northwest of Marvoisin, crosses the Rupt-de-Mad, advances through Richecourt, Lahayville, Quart-de-Réserve woods, Bois Raté, Bois de l'Etang, east part of Bois de Pannes, Nonsard, enters Bois de Nonsard and Bois de Lamarche, occupies Lamaxche-en-Woëvre, and establishes a line 1 km northwest of Lamarche-en-Woëvre, through Bois de Lamarche, narrow-gauge railroad through the north part of Bois de Nonsard, eastern edge of Bois de Pannes, through Bois de la Belle Ozière, Etang de Champrez (excl), ¾ km southeast of Gérard-Bois Fme, through Bois de Gargantua; 42d Div on right, Fr 39th Div on left. Sept 13, 2d Inf Brig continues the advance through the Bois de Vigneulles to outskirts of Vigneulles-les-Hattonchâtel and Hattonville, closes all exits leading east from the towns, and establishes contact with the 26th Div (V Corps) which is attacking southeast; the junction of the 1st Div with the 26th Div completes the reduction of the St-Mihiel salient. Sept 14, the Fr 39th Div relieves the 1st Div which retires, assembles in and near the Bois de la Belle Ozière, and passes to the reserve of the IV Corps; rehabilitation. Sept 19, Div moves to the rear of the III Corps area in vicinity of Benoitevaux, where it passes into army reserve. Sept 27, Div moves via Nixéville to the area of the I Corps near Neuvilly, pending entry into line east of the Argonne Forest.

Oct 1-12, Div participates in Meuse-Argonne Operation. Night Sept 30/Oct 1, Div begins the relief of the 35th Div along a front extending from Sérieux Fme, to the ridge north of Baulny, and Oct 1, occupies, in general, the front extending from Sérieux Fme to Chaudron Fme, to L'Espérance, command passing Oct. 1; 91st Div (V Corps) on right, 28th Div on left. Oct 2, Div front is extended on right to include Côte 231 north of les Bouleaux Bois when 91st Div elements are withdrawn from the sector. Oct 4, Div, brigades abreast, 2d Inf Brig on right, on the right of the I Corps, attacks, advances through the Bois deMontrebeau, and establishes a line ¼ km northwest of Tronsol Fme, south slope of Côte 200 west of Rau du Gouffire, la Neuville-le-Comte Fme, Fme de Beauregard, Exermont (incl), south and southwest edges of Bois de Boyon, slope ¼ km southeast of Fléville; 32d Div (V Corps) on right, 28th Div on left. Oct 5, Div captures Côte 240 in Bois de Boyon and reaches Fme d'Ariétal. Oct7, Div passes to V Corps and extends the front on the right to include Côte 269; 164th Inf Brig (82d Div) on left. Oct 8, elements of 181st Inf Brig (91st Div), holding left flank of 32d Div front along north edge of Bois du Chêne-Sec, west of Gesnes, are attached to 1st Div. Oct 9, Div, as left of V Corps, attacks, advances through le Petit-Bois into Bois de Romagne, and establishes a line Côte 269 in Bois do Moncy, Côte 263 in north partof le Petit-Bois, south of Côte de Maldah, 1½ km south of Sommerance, northern outskirts of Fléville; the attached elements of 181st Inf Brig (91st Div) are in line east of Hill 269. Oct 10, 1 Corps moves its right boundary to a line from the west edge of the Bois de Boyon to Sommerance (excl), thereby reducing the Div Zone of action by 1¼ km; Div advances through Bois de Romagne, crosses Côte de Maldah and establishes line 1¼ km southeast and ¾ km south of la Musarde Fme, along northern edge of Bois de Romagne, across northwest dope of Côte de Maldah to a point ¾ km southeast of Sommerance; 181st Inf Brig (91stDiv) on the right of the Div is attached to the 32d Div after reaching a line from ¼ km southwest of Hill 286 to 1¼ km southeast of la Musarde Fme in the Bois do Gesnes. Oct 11, 181st Inf Brig relieves elements of the Div which are in line east of a point in Bois de Romagne ¼ km south of la Musarde Fme. Oct 12, 42d Div relieves Div (less Arty which remains in line until Oct 31) and the latter assembles in the woods near Choppy in the rear zone of the I Corps. Oct 13, Div (less Arty) moves via Les Islettes to the Vavincourt Area where it passes to the reserve of the First Army; rehabilitation and training. Oct 25, Div (less Arty) moves to area of V Corps north of Récicourt.

Oct 29-Nov 11, Div participates in Meuse-Argonne Operation. Oct 29, Div passes to the reserve of V Corps. Oct 31, Div (less Arty) moves north of the road between Eclise-Fontaine and Ivoiry to the vicinity of Gesnes and Cierges, and thence into the Bois de Romagne. Nov 3, Div (less Arty) bivouacs in Bois de la Folie, east of Buzancy. Nov 4, Div (less Arty) follows advance of V Corps in close support of 2d Div. Nov 5, Div moves from vicinity of Nouart toward the Stonne-Beaumont road preparatory to relieving 80th Div (I Corps) in front line; 1st FA Brig and 1st Am Tn rejoin. Nov 6, Div, on a 6 km front extending from the northwestern outskirts of Beaumont, along Beaumont-Yoncq road to the crossroad 1 km northeast of la Harnoterie Fme, Hill 255, Hill 275, 1 km west of Yoncq, passes through 80th Div in the direction of Mouzon, pursues the enemy to the heights of the Meuse, and sends patrols into Villemontry Le Faubourg and Autrecourt; 2d Div on right, 77th Div (I Corps) on left. Night Nov 6/7, Div marches upon Sedan. Nov 7, Div reaches heights south and southwest of Sedan; later in the day, Div withdraws south of a line from La Besace to Autrecourt in compliance with orders of First Army; thereafter the Div moves to Vaux-en-Dieulet Area.


Nov 12, Div moves into Bois de Romagne. Nov 13, Div moves via Malancourt and Verdun-sur-Meuse into billets near Domrémy-la-Canne and Gondrecourt, and prepares for the advance into Germany as a part of the Army of Occupation.

Nov 17-Dec 12, Advance into Germany. Nov 17, Div moves via Audun-le-Tiche, Hesperange (Luxemburg), Canach, Konz (Germany), Schweich, Hetzerath, Wittlich, Alf, and Treis, and arrives Dec 12 in Coblenz.

Dec 13, 1918-Aug 21, 1919, Div occupies Coblenz Bridgehead as part of the Army of Occupation. Dec 13, Div moves into the Bridgehead and occupies stations at and near Montabaur. Training predominates. Apr 18, units relieve part of 32d Div east of the line from Dierdorf to Immendorf. June 18, Div concentrates, prepared for further advance, pending signature of the Treaty of Versailles. June 28, troops return to billets. July 19, Div relieves 2d Div, and occupies the entire Bridgehead.


Aug. 15, Div moves to Brest. Aug 21, Adv Det sails. Aug 22, DHQ sails. Aug 24, Hq 2d Inf Brig sails, followed Aug 25 by Hq 1st Inf Brig and Hq 1st FA Brig. Sept 6, the last elements of the Div arrive at Hoboken. During Sept the emergency personnel is demobilized at Camp Meade and the Div thereafter proceeds to Camp Taylor for station.

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