List of Abbreviations
AAF     Army Air Forces
AEF     American Expeditionary Forces (World War I)
AFSSC     Armed Forces Supply Support Center
AFSWP     Armed Forces Special Weapons Project
AGF     Army Ground Forces
AMC     Army Materiel Command
ARO     Army Research Office
ARPA     Advanced Research Projects Agency
ASA (R&D)     Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research & Development)
ASAP     Army Scientific Advisory Panel
ASD (I&L)     Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installation & Logistics)
ASF     Army Service Forces
AWC     Army War College
BAC     Budget Advisory Committee
CAD     Civil Affairs Division
CBR     Chemical, biological, radiological
CDC     Combat Developments Command
CIA     Central Intelligence Agency
CINCUSARPAC   Commander in Chief, U.S. Army, Pacific
CMH     Center of Military History (formerly Office, Chief of Military History)
CMP     Cresap, McCormick and Paget
CNO     Chief of Naval Operations
CONARC     Continental Army Command
CONUS     Continental United States
DA     Department of the Army
DARPO     Department of the Army Reorganization Project Office
DASA     Defense Atomic Support Agency
DCA     Defense Communications Agency
DIA     Defense Intelligence Agency
DOD     Department of Defense
DOT     Directorate of Organization and Training
DSA     Defense Supply Agency

DSM     Distinguished Service Medal
ETO     European theater of operations
FRC     Federal Records Center
GHQ     General Headquarters
GSA     General Services Administration
HumRRO     Human Resources Research Office
ICAF     Industrial College of the Armed Forces
JAGC     Judge Advocate General's Corps
JCS     Joint Chiefs of Staff
MASA     Military Automotive Supply Agency
MATS     Military Air Transport Service
MCSA     Military Construction Supply Agency
MDLC     Materiel Development and Logistics Command
MDW     Military District of Washington
MGSA     Military General Supply Agency
MIS     Military Intelligence Service
MIT     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MRP     Management Resources Planning [Branch]
MSTS     Military Sea Transportation Service
MTMA     Military Traffic Management Agency
NARS     National Archives and Records Service
NATO     North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NME     National Military Establishment
NSA     National Security Agency
OACSFOR     Office, Assistant Chief of Staff for Force Development
OAD     Operations Analysis Division
OCA     Office, Comptroller of the Army
OCMH     Office, Chief of Military History
OCRD     Office, Chief of Research and Development
OCofT     Office, Chief of Transportation
ODCSLOG     Office, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSOPS     Office, Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations
ODCSPER     Office, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
ODOMS     Directorate of Organization and Management Systems
OPD     Operations Division
OPO     Office of Personnel Operations
ORO     Operations Research Office
OSD     Office, Secretary of Defense
OSRD     Office of Scientific Research and Development
PAC     Project Advisory Committee
PIPS     Preliminary implementation plans
PMP     Protective Mobilization Plan
PS&T     Purchase, Storage, and Traffic [Division]

RAF     Royal Air Force
RAND     Research and Development [Corporation]
ROTC     Reserve Officers' Training Corps
ROTEC     Research Office Test and Experimentation Center
SARO     Strength Accounting and Reporting Office
SGS     Secretary of the General Staff
SPD     Special Planning Division
SS&P     Service, Supply, and Procurement [Directorate]
SWNCC     State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee
TACT     Third Army Territorial Command Test
TAGO     The Adjutant General's Office
UMT     Universal military training
UNRRA     United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
WAC     Women's Army Corps
WD     War Department
WDGS     War Department General Staff
WDSS     War Department Special Staff
WIB     War Industries Board
WPD     War Plans Division
ZI     Zone of interior

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