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List of Abbreviations

Abn       Airborne

ACofS     Assistant Chief of Staff

ADCOM     Advance Command and Liaison Group

Admin     Administration

AFFE      Army Forces Far East

AGO       Office of The Adjutant General

AMIK      American Mission in Korea

Asst      Assistant

ATIS      Allied Translator and Interpreter Section

CCF       Chinese Communist Forces

CG        Commanding general

CINCFE    Commander in Chief, Far East Command

CINCUNC   Commander in Chief, United Nations Command

Comd      Command

COMNAVFE  Commander, Naval Forces, Far East

DF        Disposition form

DIS       Daily Intelligence Summary

Div       Division

ECA       Economic Co-operation Administration

ERC       Enlisted Reserve Corps

EUSAK     Eighth U.S. Army in Korea

FEAF      Far East Air Forces

FEC       Far East Command

FMFPAC    Fleet Marine Force, Pacific

G-1       Personnel section of divisional or higher staff

G-2       Intelligence section of divisional or higher staff

G-3       Operations and training section of divisional or higher staff

G-4       Logistics section of divisional or higher staff

GO        General order

Interv    Interview

JANIS     Joint Army-Navy Intelligence Service

JCS       Joint Chiefs of Staff

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JIC       Joint Intelligence Committee

JLC       Japan Logistical Command

Jnl       Journal

JSPOG     Joint Strategic Plans and Operations Group

JSSC      Joint Strategic Survey Committee

KMAG      United States Military Advisory Group to the Republic of 


LST       Landing ship, tank

Ltr       Letter

MARBO     Marianas-Bonins Command

MDAP      Mutual Defense Assistance Program

Memo      Memorandum

MOS       Military occupational speciality

MS        Manuscript

Msg       Message

MFR       Memorandum for record

Mono      Monograph

NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVFE     Naval Forces, Far East

NKA       North Korean Army

NPRJ      National Police Reserve of Japan

NSC       National Security Council

OCAFF     Office, Chief of Army Field Forces

OCMH      Office, Chief of Military History

Opn       Operation

ORC       Organized Reserve Corps

OSA       Office of the Secretary of the Army

OSI       Office of Strategic Intelligence

PHILCOM   Philippines Command

PMAG      Provisional Military Advisory Group

Rad       Radio

RCT       Regimental combat team

ROK       Republic of Korea

Rpt       Report

RYCOM     Ryukyus Command

SANACC    State-Army-Navy-Air Force Co-ordinating Committee

SCAP      Supreme Commander, Allied Powers

Sgd       Signed

SGS       Secretary of the General Staff

T/O       Table of Organization

TO & E    Table of Organization and Equipment

Telecon   Teleconference

Tng       Training

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UNC       United Nations Command

UNCOK     United Nations Commission in Korea

UNCURK    United Nations Commission for the Unification

          and Rehabilitation of Korea

USAFIK    United States Army Forces in Korea

USAMGIK   United States Army Military Government in Korea

USMILAT   U.S. Military Attaché

ZI        Zone of Interior

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