Medical Annex to Logistical Operating Instructions




1. (U) References:

a. Unified Action Armed Forces (JCS Pub #2).

 b. Joint Logistics and Personnel Policy and Guidance (JCS Pub #3).

c. USCONARC Pamphlet No 700-1.

d. DA message 722634 DTG 0612109Z July 1965, subject: Logistics Support Policies for Inter-American Peace Force (IAPF).

e. DA Letter dated 19 July 65, subject: Conference - 21 through 22 June 65, DOMREP.

f. CINCLANT 091740Z June 65, subject: Medical Care Non U. S. Personnel of IAPF.

g. USCOMDOMREP USFDR MD 8026 DTG 081633Z Sep 65, subject: Whole Blood Supply.

h. CINCLANT 101802Z Sep 65, subject: Whole Blood.

2. (U) General.

a. USCOMARDOMREP is responsible for medical, dental and veteri nary services for all US Army Personnel and Inter-American Peace Force personnel.

b. All phases of medical service will conform to provisions of the 1949 Geneva Convention.

c. Joint utilization of medical facilities and inter-service agreements for medical support are authorized to avoid unnecessary duplication of resources.

d. USCOMDOMREP Surgeon will receive and coordinate requirements and monitor the handling and distribution of whole blood. The Whole Blood Program is to be administered as outlined in reference g, and approved by reference h.



e. USCOMARDOMREP will direct the establishment of a MRO. MRO will coordinate with CINCLANT and ASMRO as required.

3. (U) Hospitalization. Casualties requiring hospitalization beyond the specified evacuation policy, as established by CINCLANT will be evacuated to CONUS as soon as medically practicable.

4. (U) Evacuation.

a. Evacuation policy is 30 days. Changes in evacuation policy will be as recommended by CINCLANT.

b. Evacuation will be by air, when available, unless medically or tactically infeasible.

c. Emergency evacuation of special cases, beyond the capability of medical facilities in DOMREP, to Rodriguez Army Hospital or Ramey AFB is authorized. Emergency evacuation of IAPF personnel will be in accordance with reference f.

5. (U) Preventive Medicine.

a. A vigorous preventive medicine program for the protection of the health and well-being of all personnel will be maintained.

b. Immunizations will be maintained current and in accordance with USCONARC Pamphlet No 700-1, "USCONARC Standing Logistical Instructions.''

c. Malaria Suppressive Measures. Chloroquine-primaquine phosphate tablets (FSN 6505-753-5043) will be administered to each individual in accordance with USCONARC Pamphlet No 700-1.

d. Water Supply. Only engineer supplies or medically approved water will be utilized for drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundering. Water at engineer supply points will have a minimum of chlorine residual of 5 parts per million after 30 minutes contact time; water of user level will have a minimum of 3 parts per million.

e. Appropriate measures for vector control will be instituted and strictly adhered to by all units as prescribed in USCONARC Pamphlet No 700-1 and AR 40-5.

f. Appropriate measures will be instituted for the prevention of heat casualties.



g. Food and Beverages. No food or beverages will be consumed other than those issued for military consumption or obtained from medically approved sources. Ice will be utilized only from sources inspected and medically approved.

6. (U) Medical Assistance to Civilians.

a. Medical care for US Nationals employed by or attached to US Army Forces will be provided by USCOMARDOMREP.

b. Medical assistance to indigenous civilians may be rendered in emergencies within the capabilities of medical facilities, providing such action does not interfere with or adversely affect the readiness or effectiveness of USCOMARDOMREP. The medical care rendered to these personnel will not exceed the customary standards.

7. (U) Personnel. Personnel accounting and requisitioning will be in accordance with paragraph 6 (Personnel).

8. (U) Records. Medical records will be initiated, maintained and disposed of in accordance with AR 40-400 as changed.

9. (U) Logistics.

a. Department of the Army will continue to provide logistical medical support through SMC Logistical Control Office, New Orleans direct to USCOMARDOMREP.

b. Reference 1d, applies.

c. Supply procedures will be met as outlined in reference le.

10. (U) Supply. Request for nonstandard medical items will be forwarded direct to Office of The Surgeon General for further supply action.