Medical Appendix 1 to Logistics Annex M of Operations

Order No. 2-65, USCOMDOMREP


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Santo Domingo, D.R.

DL 041424

081500R June 1965



Appendix 1 (Medical) to Annex M (Logistics) to OPORD 2-65



a. Indigenous forces. Dominican and foreign nationals other than those of the Inter-American Peace Force (IAPF) and the Organization of the American States (OAS) are to be treated in local civilian or military hospitals. Such individuals, if admitted to IAPF medical facilities, are to be evacuated to local hospitals as soon as medically feasible. Ambulance support for this evacuation may be obtained by calling Dominican Red Cross (Phone 9-4288). Major hospitals available for local support are:

(1) Orthopedic cases - Dr. Dario Contreras Hospital, Coord: 088439, Phone: 9-1173

(2) Maternity cases - Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia Maternity Hospital (formerly Julia Molena Hospital), Coord: 040426, Phone: 2-8116.

(3) Pediatric cases - Robert Reid Cabral Childrens Clinic (formerly Angelita Childrens Clinic), Coord: 024403, Phone: 3-1111.

(4) General medicines and surgery cases - Moscoso Puello Hospita, Coord: 048457, Phone: 2-8016.

(5) General medicine and surgery - Aybar Hospital (formerly William Morgan Hospital), Coord: 059448, Phone: 2-2934.

(6) General medicine and surgery - Gautier Hospital, Coord: 023447, Phone: 2-6071.

(7) General medicine and surgery - Padre Billini Hospital, Coord 061423, Phone: 2-2833.

(8) Military cases - Lithgow Cearo Military Hospital (formerly Professor Marion Hospital), Coord: 035412, Phone: 2-6038.

b. Friendly forces.

(1) Government of Brazil Forces provide primary medical care to individuals organic to their units.

(2) Government of Honduras Forces provide primary medical care to individuals of their own units and to individuals of the Government of Nicaragua Forces.




Appendix 1 (Medical) to Annex M (Logistics) to OPORD 2-65

(3) Womack Army Hospital, Fort Bragg, N.C., is primary receiving unit for U.S. patients evacuated to United States from Dominican Republic.

(4) Ramey Air Force Base Hospital, Puerto Rico, is primary receiving hospital for patients requiring immediate medical or surgical care beyond the capability of USFORDOMREP medical facilities.

(5) Rodriguez Army Hospital, Puerto Rico, has been designated to receive selected casualties requiring emergency surgical care not available at Ramey AFB Hospital.

(6) COMPHIBGRU 4 provides primary medical care for forces embarked. May provide for seaward evacuation of casualties in the event of necessity.

(7) Non-U.S., OAS and IAPF personnel will not be evacuated to CONUS. Ramey AFB and Rodriguez Army Hospitals may receive emergency cases. Medical Regulating Officer (CO, USAF Casualty Staging Facility) arranges for further evacuation of non-U.S. personnel to home country.

c. References

(1) Msg CINCLANT 052204Z, Subject: Whole Blood.

(2) Msg CINCLANT 161828Z, Subject: Power Pack Medical Evacuation.

(3) Msg CINCLANT 191710Z, Subject: Whole Blood - Dom Red Cross.

(4) Msg CINCLANT 220052Z, Subject: Whole Blood Disposition.

(5) Hqs, XVIII Airborne Corps Medical Field SOP, 1 July 62, with changes.


a. Mission. To provide medical support to units and individuals of the Inter-American Peace Force and to other U.S. agencies and activities in the Dominican Republic to include general medical, limited surgical, emergency dental, preventive medicine, and food inspection services.

b. Policies and procedures. In consideration of the limited capabilities of medical units available to this Command, medical care must be restricted to military and civilian personnel of the units of the IAPF, the OAS, and to other U.S. military personnel and civilians in the Dominican Republic. Only emergency care will be rendered to foreign non-military individuals and to Dominican nationals. As a part of their Civic Action programs, units may offer outpatient medical care to Dominican nationals when it is clearly in the best interest of the United States to do so. Surgical care will be limited to that necessary for the preservation of life and limb and elective procedures will not be performed.


a. Surgeon's concept of support. Units with organic medical elements provide primary medical support to their own personnel and to adjacent




Appendix 1 (Medical) to Annex M (Logistics) to OPORD 2-65

units without organic capability. 5th Logistical Command provides ground and six ambulance and hospitalization support to all units of the Command. Air Force FORDOMREP provides Casualty Staging Facility at departure airfield and performs medical regulating activities for the Command.

b. Hq Co, XVIII Abn Corps, operates aid station in Juaragua Hotel in support of Hqs, USFORDOMREP; Special Troops, 50th Signal Bn; Det #3, 16th AW sqdn; Prov Signal Det of 507th Tactical Control Group, USAF; Hqs, IAPF; USMAAGDOMREP; 7th SFG (Abn); and 1st Psy War Bn. Provides Front-Line Ambulance and aidman on stand-by duty at Hqs, USFORDOMREP daily between the hours of 0800 and 1700 (Surgeon's Section).

c. 5th Log Command provides evacuation and hospitalization to all units and commands. Establishes 15th Field Hospital (l-Hospitalization Unit) in Dominican Naval Academy Compound at Coord: 075419. Maintains a minimum of two (2) ambulances on-call at Hqs. USFORDOMREP Aid Station (Telephone JUARAGUA Extension 427) for evacuation of casualties from the aid stations of Government of Honduras Forces, USFORDOMREP, 229th AH Bn, Government of Brazil Forces, and other elements in the International Safety Zone (ISZ) to the 15th Field Hospital. Provides primary medical support to 503rd MP Bn and Government of Costa Rica Forces. Provides a minimum of one (1) ambulance on stand-by at each functioning clearing station, 82nd Abn Div to provide evacuation to the 15th Field Hospital. Maintains a minimum of one (1) ambulance and two (2) aidmen with individual aid kits at Fair Grounds logistical base area. Maintains a minimum of one (1) HU-1 aircraft of the 54th Med Det on stand-by at 15th Field Hospital to provide emergency air evacuation from the ISZ to 15th Field Hospital. Pick-up point, USFORDOMREP Headquarters Compound.

d. USFORDOMREP provides Casualty Staging Facility (CSF) at departure airfield, furnishes medical regulating support for all patients being evacuated through their station, and acts as whole blood receiving, storage, distribution, and accounting center for all OAS forces.

e. Reports. Each medical facility will report immediately by telephone to the Surgeon, USFORDOMREP, Phone DRAGON 216/218, any medical incidents likely to be of interest to the Commander or to higher headquarters. Such incidents will include deaths in the station, serious illness or injury of senior officers and other VIPs, accidents or combat action involving multiple casualties, epidemic disease incidence, or the occurrence of unusual disease entities.


a. Supply directives.

(1) 5th Logistical Command Medical Supply Letter of Instructions #1, 17 May 65.

(2) 545th Medical Detachment (Sup) Authorized Stockage List, 17 May 65.




Appendix 1 (Medical) to Annex M (Logistics) to OPORD 2-65

(3) 5th Logistical Command Medical Supply Letter of Instructions #2, 18 May 65.

(4) 5th Logistical Command Medical Supply Letter of Instructions #5, 29 May 65.

b. Medical Supply

(1) All units maintain prescribed loads of medical supplies and equipment through replenishment requisitions to 545th Medical Detachment (Sup), 5th Logistical Command. Units will not return to home stations with depleted stocks.

(2) All units maintain allowances prescribed in TA 8-100.

(3) Units will ensure that each man is issued six (6) Chloroquine-Primaquin tablets prior to departure from Dominican Republic together with instructions that tablets are to be taken on a one-a-week basis for the six (6) weeks following departure.

(4) Requisitions for replenishment of supplies used in Civic Action support of Dominican nationals will indicate that supplies requested are for Civil Relief.

c. Salvage medical equipment and supplies turned in to 545th Medical Detachment (Sup).

d. Captured medical supplies, civil or military, will not be used in U.S. medical facilities but will be reported to Surgeon, USFORDOMREP, for disposition through Dominican Red Cross channels.

e. Transportation. U.S. military ambulances will not be used outside the ISZ and the LOC. Transportation of casualties outside the zone and transportation of non-IAPF personnel will be by ambulances of the Dominican Red Cross (Phone 9-4288) or of other local hospitals and agencies. All ambulances, both military and civilian, will be given priority consideration at traffic control points.

f. Preventive medicine.

(1) Hqs, USFORDOMREP Medical Bulletin No 1, 12 May 65.

(2) Hqs, USFORDOMREP Circular No 40-12, Subject: Redeployment Physical Evaluation, 6 June 65.

(3) U.S. military personnel will avoid all contact with parrots and all birds of the parrot family. Because of their frequent infection with Psittacosis, an acute generalized infectious disease of viral origin, such birds may not be imported into the United States or any of its' territories.

(4) Units will ensure that all personnel maintain current all immunizations required by USCONARC Standing Logistical Instructions and by




Appendix 1 (Medical) to Annex M (Logistics) to OPORD 2-65

AR 40-562. Immunization Records of all personnel will be screened for Smallpox vaccination. Individuals whose records do not positively indicate a valid vaccination within the past 12 months will be revaccinated as many times as necessary until a clearly positive "take" is obtained.

(5) 714th Preventive Medicine Unit conducts sanitary surveys and analyses on a mission basis. Units desiring preventive medicine assistance or evaluation contact the Medical Section, 5th Logistical Command, Phone: LOGGER 259.

(6) All personnel will sleep under mosquito nets to reduce chances of infection with malaria, dengue, or other mosquito borne diseases. Units without nets will requisition same from 5th Logistical Command.

g. Veterinary services. Veterinary services are very limited and confined largely to food inspection requirements. A small pound is available to confine animals under observation for rabies and the facilities of the Tropical Medicine Research Laboratory, Puerto Rico, are available to this Command to examine specimens for rabies. Individuals who have been bitten and who have captured or killed the offending animal, contact the Medical Section, 5th Logistical Command (Phone LOGGER 259) for disposition instructions.


a. Evacuation.

(1) Evacuation Policy. Division clearing stations - 72 hours. Field hospital - 15 days.

(2) Evacuation of U.S. military, IAF military, and other U.S. and foreign nationals through U.S. Air Force Casualty Staging Detachment, San Isidro Airport. CO, USAF Casualty Staging Facility (CSF) is medical regulating officer for all IAPF forces in Dominican Republic. Parent services lose control of individuals upon admission to CSF.

(3) Previous policy of evacuating personnel bitten by animals is rescinded. Such patients will be held in DOMREP and treated by 15th Field Hospital.

b. Hospitalization. Civilians, other than U.S. and OAS personnel, will be hospitalized under emergency circumstances only. Such individuals will be transferred to local medical facilities as soon as medically feasible.


Standard medical reports required by current Army Regulations will be forwarded through channels to USFORDOMREP. These include Outpatient




Appendix 1 (Medical) to Annex M (Logistics) to OPORD 2-65

Reports, Beds and Patients Report, Morbidity Reports, Command Health Reports, and the Daily Medical Report required by CINCLANT.



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