Redeployment Physical Evaluation, USFORDOMREP Circular No. 40-12




APO New York 09478


CIRCULAR 7 June 1965
NUMBER 40-12


Expires 6 June 1966




Redeployment Physical Evaluation

1. The following is applicable to commanders of units assigned or attached to USFORDOMREP.

2. Purpose: The purpose of this directive is to prevent the introduction into the United States of communicable diseases endemic to the Dominican Republic, to protect military personnel from the later effects of undiagnosed diseases, and to prevent the infection of individuals who may come in contact with returning personnel with unrecognized illness. Sections II and III of AR 40-12 (Navy General Order No 20, Air Force Regulation 161-4).

3. Pre-redeployment requirements: Each individual who has served ashore in the Dominican Republic will undergo a screening physical evaluation prior to return to the United States. This evaluation is to be conducted by the medical element normally responsible for providing the individuals primary medical support. For personnel returning by surface transportation, this evaluation may be conducted while at sea. For personnel returning by air transportation, the evaluation will be conducted within 24 hours prior to departure from the Dominican Republic. Evaluation should consist of a brief history and limited physical examination designed to detect the presence of acute or chronic illness with particular attention to fevers of undetermined origin, gastro-intestinal infections, jaundice, infectious skin lesions, and venereal disease.

4. Disposition: Unit surgeons should determine the disposition of individuals with positive evidence of disease in accordance with good medical practice and the dictates of preventive medicine as expressed in paragraph 3, above. Requirements for early hospitalization and/or treatment




Cir No 40-12, HQ, USFORDOMREP, APO New York 09478, 7 Jun 65

should take precedence over the individuals desire for immediate return to the CONUS. In cases of communicable diseases, hospitalization or other appropriate restrictions should be placed on individuals until treatment has been accomplished and all danger of transmission of infections to other individuals is passed.

5. Immunization: Provisions of AR 40-562 (AFR 161-13, Navy Bumedinst 6230.1D) which requires smallpox immunization of individuals returning to United States within three years prior to arrival, but not less than eight days previous to debarkation, will be complied with.

6. Post-deployment follow-up studies: Because of the high incidence of syphilis in this area and the inadequate laboratory facilities available in DOMREP, post-deployment serological test for syphilis is recommended for all personnel suspected of having any form of venereal disease. All personnel should be advised of the importance of informing medical officers of their duty in the Dominican Republic should they subsequently become ill within a three month period. All personnel must be reminded of the necessity for continuing malaria suppressive therapy weekly for a period of six weeks after departure from DOMREP. Redeployment orders will include the specific requirement to continue suppressive medication for the six weeks period.

7. Records and Reports: No report is required relative to the requirements set forth herein. Unit surgeons should keep such records as are appropriate to their service to ensure proper and adequate follow-up in those individuals who require it. Subordinate commanders are authorized to devise their own systems for ensuring that each individual receives the evaluation required prior to redeployment from DOMREP.

(USFDR-MD/Tel 216)



  Brigadier General, US Army
  Chief of Staff



Wm. F. Faught

Major, AGC

Asst Adjutant General