Higlights in the History
of the
Army Nurse Corps

Edited by

Carolyn M. Feller
Lieutenant Colonel, AN, USAR


Debora r. Cox
Major, AN

U.S. Army Center of Military History
Washington, DC 2001


The Army Nurse Corps has a truly rich and proud history. The dedication and commitment of the past members of this great Corps have shaped who we are today. As we move toward the close of our first century of caring for our soldiers, their family members, and our retirees, we should not only look back at the marvelous achievements of our predecessors but, even more importantly, look forward to the challenges of today and those of the future.

We are an extremely talented professional nursing organization, comprising many of the best and brightest individuals in the profession of nursing. Together we will positively and successfully continue to address and resolve the issues of today, always focusing on the implications and impact of our decisions on those that will follow.

The vision of our Corps is to remain competent and knowledgeable in our core competencies: clinical skills, education, research, and leadership. We are totally dedicated to remaining the premier nursing organization in the country, providing leadership to the Army Medical Department and care to our Army families, both at home and abroad. If we continue to keep our priorities focused on providing quality nursing care, while at the same time affording our officers, NCOs, and civilians the professional, educational, and clinical opportunities to advance within our profession, then we will most assuredly continue to expand on the great organization we have been so fortunate to inherit.

We are proud to have been chosen to lead this fine organization into the new millennium. Our future will rely on our persistent emphasis on the following leadership goals:

Colonel, USA
Assistant Chief, Army Nurse Corps
Brigadier General, USA
Chief, Army Nurse Corps


This publication chronicles the major events in the proud history of the Army Nurse Corps. Although it is not intended as an analysis of historical events, it highlights the major milestones in the evolution of the Corps. The notable contributions of Corps members and their colleagues to military and civilian nursing practice, education, administration, and research are recorded. Legislation and other significant events that effected changes in the history of the Corps are mentioned. Emphasis is placed on the continuing efforts of the Corps to provide high-quality nursing care to soldiers, their families, and retired military and their dependents in time of peace and war and in the carrying out of humanitarian missions. Although not every Corps member is mentioned, all the entries reflect the proud heritage of the Corps and provide ideas for scholarly historical research. History provides a basis for the present and direction for the future. At the present time, numerous changes in the military and the worldwide community are creating new and complex challenges for the Corps. Chiefs of the Army Nurse Corps, past and present, have provided professional and committed leadership to prepare us for these challenges.

This chronology was first prepared in 1959, with revisions in 1960, 1961, 1973, 1975, 1981, 1987, 1995, and 1996. In honor of the Army Nurse Corps' 100th anniversary, 2 February 2001, this publication is reprinted with additional information covering the period from 1996 to September 2000. However, this booklet cannot include every change, issue, award, or outstanding Army nurse by name. If specific information is needed in more detail, the Army Nurse Corps Historian can be contacted in writing or by phone, fax, or e-mail. The authors remain responsible for errors and omissions.

Major, USA
ANC Historian and Deputy Chief
Office of Medical History
Office of the Surgeon General
Lieutenant Colonel, USAR
IMA to the ANC Historian





A. Superintendents and Chiefs of the Army Nurse Corps
B. First Assistants to the Superintendents and Assistant Chiefs of the Army Nurse Corps
C. Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee Award
D. The Evangeline G. Bovard Award
E. Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing
F. The Phyllis J. Verhonick Award
G. Army Nurse Corps White House Medical Unit
H. Army Nurse Corps Medal
I. Advanced Nursing Practice Award
J. Chief, Army Nurse Corps, Award of Excellence
K. Army Nurse Corps Historians
L. Amita Award
M. Memorials

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