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Army History Magazine

Spring 2022 Edition

CMH, June 2022

In this Spring 2022 issue of Army History, we are excited to present our readers with two interesting articles, a top-notch crop of book reviews, an examination of a rare artifact, and a look at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum.

The first article, by John Curatola, a history professor at the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies, examines the development and implementation of an Allied air bridge over the Atlantic Ocean. Part of Operation Bolero, the buildup of troops and materiel in the United Kingdom for the eventual invasion of mainland Europe, the air bridge played an integral part in ferrying planes, personnel, and equipment over the treacherous and U-boat infested waters of the Atlantic. Included in this effort was the construction of airfields and bases along the route to provide stopover and navigational waypoints. Curatola deftly describes the harrowing journey as planes, crews, and passengers successfully battled the elements and the limits of technology to establish an air bridge that would help the Allies achieve ultimate victory.

The second article, by Center of Military History historian Grant Harward, looks at the evolution of combat medic training since the late twentieth century. Studying how the Army reshaped the training of medics based on how it thought the next war would be fought, Harward shows how preparations for the potential mass casualty battles of an imagined third world war left the Army somewhat unprepared for the insurgency-type wars it was asked to fight in the early twenty-first century. Through adaptation and a restructuring of the Army’s medical training programs, the Army hopes to produce flexible combat medics ready to tackle whatever kind of war the Army might face in the future.

As we round out the second year of the COVID–19 pandemic, I thank my coworkers for their patience and adaptability. Everyone on the small team here that publishes Army History has dealt with different struggles during this period, but my teammates have never missed a beat. As the recent invasion of Ukraine has shown, the importance of military history and its applicability to today’s Army cannot be understated. Army publications such as Military Review, Parameters, Veritas, and Army History provide valuable information not just for enlisted soldiers and junior officers, but also for Army senior leaders both in and out of uniform. We here at Army History strive to provide content that not only entertains but also educates. Knowledge of the Army’s history can be a powerful tool for decision makers at all levels.

I remind our readers that we are not currently accepting article submissions, but we hope to reopen our call for them with either the Summer or Fall 2022 issue. At the moment, we have a wealth of articles under review here and we want to ensure that our potential authors receive prompt responses from the Army History team.

Bryan J. Hockensmith
Managing Editor