U.S. Army Historical Program Strategic Vision 2030

Maintaining Our Institutional Memory

  1. Improve the quality of the Army’s digital historical record; reinforce the importance of this resource for the entire Army.
  2. Improve and expand development and submission of periodic historical reports.
  3. Increase historical coverage of Army operations.

Develop a complete historical record for today and tomorrow.

Shaping a Historically-Minded Army Culture

  1. Use the DA Historical Advisory Sub-Committee as a tool to shape the AHP.
  2. Increase heritage instruction and training opportunities in the Operational Force.
  3. Develop and apply actionable history to influence decision making.
  4. Shape the Army’s portfolio of virtual and in-person staff rides.
  5. Include history in pre-command and senior leader development courses.

Create opportunities for actionable history at all levels.      

Maximizing the Use of Heritage Assets

  1. Open and operate the Army’s National Museum as a capstone for the Army Historical Program and Army Museum Enterprise.
  2. Position museums as a training and education platform across the Army.
  3. Position archivists as actionable.

Integrate museum assets and archival holdings across the Army.

Putting People First

  1. Leverage CP61 community to improve historical products and services across the Army (COI).
  2. Advocate for additional funding for professional development and functional training opportunities.
  3. Develop innovative communication methods in order to drive collaboration.

Strengthen, support, utilize, and transform the workforce.

Army Historical Program Strategic Vision trifold

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